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  • captaink62 captaink62 Aug 21, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

    Observation and Question

    Observation: The press release mentioned "a" distribution. The wording carefully crafted by their attorneys (I am pretty certain) indicates, in my opinion, that there will be more than one distribution. Otherwise, they would have written "final" distribution.

    Question: If an investor purchase shares of EDCI today, are they entitled to the upcoming distribution(s)? The press release gave the impression that one needed to be a shareholder as of a certain (past) date.

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    • I think the brokerages deal with the payment even after certs are no longer issued. But thats 90%, not 100% certainty.

      Another stock I own, MACC, they QUIT trading altogether even though a good bit was expected and has indeed been paid out with more to come.

      I need to look back at my notes. Cant recall exactly what was possible here but Im sure it was a lot more than $4.07

      But, the rest could drag out another 9-18 months.

      Knew I should have bought more in the low $3s recently. Didnt.