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  • icdcweb icdcweb Jan 15, 2011 10:57 AM Flag

    Why no Analyst coverage on BSQR?

    According to Yahoo there are no analyst covering this stock or forwarding looking estimates. Anyway have an idea what earnings look like going forward? Thanks

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    • I bought another REDCHIP company stock again today. (BEST) They are running today. Maybe BSQR can get one of these guys to promote BSQR.

    • Oh dear.

      Let me ask you...if you are here even reading this, let alone being long/short, why, oh why, would you care about somebody who "discovered" this stock days, weeks, months, years after you did?

      Are you so humble to think that some "analyst" has finally CONFIRMED your own analysis (or TA, or just common sense)?

      I say screw all of the analysts. They only do their master's bidding. They only report what the company reported to them (if that, and, if that, in a fair sense). BFD these analysts. They're like the electronic media "journalists" of our times. Lazy, ingnorant, and bought and paid for. They, like the Telepromter in Chief, just read from a script provided by their corporate bosses.

      When we get "analyst" coverage, we will have some "interesting times" (as in the old Chinese curse....may you live in interesting times).

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