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  • brown82255 brown82255 Jan 23, 2010 6:29 PM Flag

    BUY, SELL or HOLD ALTO - Information


    BUY, SELL or HOLD ALTO - Information
    Jonathan Lebed I see has his bashers out in full force & many use the same exact words as if from some script from Lebed. It is an offical fact that Lebed has been involved in all kind of scams. Now he has resorted to trying to black mail ALTO into giving him 2 million free trading shares and when that didn't work he shorted the stock and will be relentless to drive this stock down, ll because ALTO stood up to him and refused his scare tactics, so lets look at the real facts:

    1st - ALTO paid Cohen from Grass Roots Research to complete an analysis and publish it's report! Now Cohen publishes these reports for many companies and a reliable firm on Wall Street to provide projections based on the facts and market potential and they wouldn't risk their reputation to help promote a pump and dump.

    2nd - A PR released after hours on friday disclosed current assay results to date and future sample assay plans. The mining industry has very strict policies now on PR's regarding assay drilling results and they are absolutely not allowed to embellish the results in any way at all - period. So ALTO does have real GOLD deposits. The area they own is next to some of the highest strikes in the world. So yes they are for real!

    3rd - Regarding their paid promoting - it happens all the time as companies raise money to pay for future explorations and ongoing operations. Let's face it, if it wasn't for this you probably wouldn't have heard of ALTO.

    4th - To date $300,000 of private funds have come from the directors and the staff involved with ALTO. ALTO is currently negotiating 5 million dollar financing. Budget to be 4 million dollars over two years to begin small scale production. First year production estimated to be 150 thousand ounces.

    All you investors should know the risk of investing in these OTC/BB stocks by now and most of what is happening here is what goes on all the time. The one exception here is that Lebed tried to strong arm his way in by attempting to force ALTO in to giving him 2 million free trading shares, which he could then help promote the pps up and dump his shares and make a huge profit. Now that his plan backfired, he has resorted to this bashing and shorting attack. Unfortunately us investors have been caught in the crossfire and the pps has been driven down to the .30 level, which clearly looks like the current support area. The investors who are still in are now trying to decide, come Monday, if they should sell and get out now before the pps drops down to that .10 (as the Lebed folks would like you to believe) or hold for longer term profits. Now it is clearly obvious to me that ALTO is not going to take this laying down and fired back after hours with that assay results pr proving that they do have real gold deposits and the high probability of much more. It's my opinion that they will follow that up with the 5 million dollar financing deal that they are negotiating has been secured and to pr that next week, so I am holding all my shares and that is why I doubled my positioned and averaged down to .45. I believe that if this Lebed character would not have did what he did, we would have seen ALTO get into the mid .80 range. Now I figure when ALTO comes firing back with more pr's that show they do have what they say and pps rises, Lebed could be forced to cover and then we could see a big jump. I have seen situations like this in the past and I found it very profitable to not panic sell and wait for my sell point and ignor all these distracting bashers. Do your DD and decide what to do based on the facts and take advantage of these pumps to ride the momo to nice profits. Ok there it is, all the facts that I uncovered and my opinion regarding this recent situation and I hope it helps some of you and do not be surprised when the Lebed bashers attack me for posting this - it is expected and laughable. GLTYA

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    • She is reversing right now and in the green. I've been saying this all along. The next few days you will see.

      Get some gold!!! Here comes the 50s.

    • Keep buying and accumulating at this level and you will get paid when the time is right. In the last 5 days, bashers are out with full force calling this company a scam scaring ppl to bid whack and driving down the price. The selling is now subside...good time to accumulate.

      Something big is cooking when they drive down the stock price this low. Be patience, your investment can multiply 3x or 4x from this level.

      I am a bag holder but i am holding a bag of gold...i can't look at shinny.....$$$$

    • You're damn right.

    • And.... I will continiue to expose these frauds everytime I get a "must buy alert" because I am a champion for the little investor.Plus, I'm retired with nothing else to do and it keeps me out of the bars before noon.

    • Plus, they made those scam artist penny stock professors rich. Who do they think was selling all their stock when these fools were buying.
      It's no coincidence the volume has dried up.... the iniatiators of this scam have left the room.

    • Very well said Brown & Mark.
      A lot of facts are there but bashers only trying to play the conspiracy theory.
      The sell off was huge and the PPS needs some time to recover .. Let those who want to sell do it, even if it goes below 0.25 which is unlikely the PPS will recover eventually.
      We'll see ALTO PPS by mid Feb at least tripple it's current position IMHO.

      Rgrds to both of you.

    • markwilson333 Jan 23, 2010 11:48 PM Flag

      Thanks for the DD I thank you for your honest opnion as well as stating the facts to help all holders keep from jumping ship to feed the shorting. I also believe this has been beaten down and with more good news this could be a squeeze play upwards to over $1.00 then with the chart improving more investors would be attracted to the stock. This is still a long term play to see $5.00 possibly up to two years but I believe it will get there and this has to be the bottom. There might be a final push early monday to drive this below .25 but if it holds above that past noon monday we will never see below .30 anytime soon. If everyone would just lock up your shares for this week and let the PRs come out this could be easily over .50 at the end of this week.
      Mark (short hater)

    • if I may ask - with your .45 average what is your sell point? thanks for the post.