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  • markwilson333 Jan 23, 2010 11:48 PM Flag

    BUY, SELL or HOLD ALTO - Information

    Thanks for the DD I thank you for your honest opnion as well as stating the facts to help all holders keep from jumping ship to feed the shorting. I also believe this has been beaten down and with more good news this could be a squeeze play upwards to over $1.00 then with the chart improving more investors would be attracted to the stock. This is still a long term play to see $5.00 possibly up to two years but I believe it will get there and this has to be the bottom. There might be a final push early monday to drive this below .25 but if it holds above that past noon monday we will never see below .30 anytime soon. If everyone would just lock up your shares for this week and let the PRs come out this could be easily over .50 at the end of this week.
    Mark (short hater)