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  • mrs_bally mrs_bally Mar 5, 2005 9:41 AM Flag

    Questions for notnu2thegame & bobshfl

    Hi, Do either of you have a sell point with shfl? At today's outstanding share levels, would you sell at $60 or 70? If it does a 2:1 split around 60, would you consider selling if it doubles again?

    Keep in mind one thing a wise man once told me; If everything seems perfect, consider selling. In these modern times, God invented stop loss orders to help out investors.

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    • Call Martha Stewart and see if she takes your recommendation to sell SHFL.

      She's got alot of ground to make up since coming out of the resthome.

    • I really need some hedge on my portfolio..\
      Did you ever think of buying some shrubbery?

    • I really need some hedge on my portfolio..

      So I Hope this is a good time to short this stock.

      Seems really high.

    • shfl will be forced to buy them before another company with stature does so.

      In these proceedings..shfl only loses as they reveal their own products weaknesses.

      If this stock breaks toward $3 the race is on.

    • Stigmail "BINGO" well said!

    • If SHFL is unsuccessful in getting VNX permananently enjoined from selling their "redesigned" card device, they will most likely initiate further legal action. This may be done for no other reason than to raise questions in the minds of potential and current VNX customers as to the viability of a longterm relationship with VNX. It is a marketing tactic which I'm sure SHFL can skillfully employ if necessary. The expense of litigation will be minor compared to the damage VNX's reputation may suffer.

      The action of the stock price this past Friday shows the resilience engendered by SHFL's past performance. This action is a bump in the road for SHFL but a major hurdle for VNX. SHFL as recognized by many has a diversified portfolio of products, services and new initiatives. Quality will be an issue since none of the tables can afford down time due to defective or inoperable equipment.

      If LVS reports EPS this week in excess of the .15 expected by analysts, then SHFL and other gaming issues will benefit as well.
      Regardless, SHFL will prevail and prove to be the better investment. Penny stock players can enjoy their "riches" while the last and hope that someone may indeed want to buy out VNX.

    • looks like we are on the same page...i also believe that the participants on this board are interested in sharing valuable information and not the "dirt" displayed on most nonsense boards..getting back to shfl, i think the real growth story will come from the retail consumer...teenagers, young adults and yes , your middle-aged man are all playing some type of poker....with the recent television exposure combined with shfl's future broadcasts, merchandising to this population can become incredibly profitable...higher margins, more exposure , etc. can only lead to great thigs for shfl....good luck to all....

    • >> doesn't appear that vnx will be much of a threat...large casinos,etc. can not afford the embarrassment of opting for vnx and then have something go wrong...shfl has so many simultaneous innovations going on that it could become extremely difficult to compete with them...<<<

      Exactly! Can you inagine the largest casino company in the world (Harrah's) ever looking at another VNX shuffler after they were forced to pull them from the floor of their New Orleans casino shortly after going through the expense and hassle of installing 100 of them there?

      Mark Yoseloff at SHFL frequently makes the point (he did so again on the recent conference call) that SHFL will not ship a product before they're confident it works and won't cause ANY problems for their valued customers. VNX, on the other hand, is so desperate that they'll ship anything, anytime for survival's sake. And yet the deductive genius (aka, DelusionalDrunkardOne) seems to think this desperate company has the wherewithal to design, engineer, produce, distribute and service a competitive product against a company that has a history of running circles around it in all these areas. What planet do you suppose DelusionalDrunkardOne exists on? Not a planet where reality comes into play, that's for sure.

      As I've written here before if one looks at the history of VNX it is glaringly clear the only thing they're good at producing is stock certificates (and even these are produced at lower margins all the time), losses, and hot air that only fools and losers buy into. Other then these three things I challenge DelusionalDrunkardOne to point to one thing, just one, that VNX has suceeded at. Now watch the weasal ignore this challenge too.

      Go SHFL!

    • >>SHFL is apparently discovering the marketing consequences of having decided to proceed on their own.<<


      Yeah, by going it on their own poor SHFL only gets gross margins of 77% while the baby genius company VNX has never been able to figure out to make a penny. Only a complete moron like DelusionalDrunkardOne could turn a positive into a negative and a negative into a positive.

      Poor SHFL, indeed. Just imagine what SHFL's margins/profits might be if they had to give away a substantial amount of them to a middle-man like TCS?

      This brings up an interesting question (which I'm sure DelusionaldrukardOne will CONveniently ignore). DelusionalDrunkardOne, what do you suppose VNX will be paying TCS for their part in distributing their shufflers, and how will VNX achieve profitability by paying a distributor when they never could do this without paying one? Also, why is it that given your impressive (LOL) deductive powers you conclude SHFL is having second thoughts about distributing their products on their own? If you really believe this then you're more delusional then I thought. Poor SHFL, I'm sure they're crying in their $350 bottles of Krug's Clos du Mesnil. (LOL)

      Go SHFL!

    • 2 separate issues:
      A. Does the vnx device infringe ? If the courts decide in shfl's favor the vnx shufflers AND VNX itself, probably, are toast. (As pointed out vnx feels their original design does not infringe; vnx made the redesign in an attempt to 'overnight' reverse the injunction while waiting for full court hearing. (Could talk about the shfl elevators/mechanical shuffling vs the absence of mechanical shuffling in the vnx device; how the shfl product 'deals' all the hands in the device (shuffler) before the deal to the players vs vnx device which does not do the same; but this would be beyond the scope/interest of most folks here I think.)

      B.Court/legal costs. SHFL canNOT rely on this to win the war. If shfl losses in court and IF (I emphasize IF) the customer base(casino) wants the vnx product, the vnx PRODUCT will survive even if vnx the company goes under. IF THE PRODUCT SELLS, SOMEONE WILL BUY VNX IF THE LATTER CAN NOT SURMOUNT THE LEGAL I$$UE$ ON ITS OWN. (Obviously to vnx holders THE question is at what price ? That of course is going to depend on sales vs lack thereof.)

      Worse case scenario for shfl - it is still going to do great long term. So many products, etc, etc. And my guess is that even if VNX wins, 3+ years from now shfl will STILL HAVE significantly MORE shufflers on tables worldwide than shfl has at present. VNX is not jeopardizing shfl's future IMO.

      I have owned shfl for 9 + years. Do not own shares at present but plan to buy back once the dust settles. (Yes, I appreciate I may leave a few $$ on the table by making this decision. But that is just my personal choice on playing this game.)


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