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  • seinfeld_table_for_4 seinfeld_table_for_4 Jun 6, 2006 1:20 PM Flag

    Does anyone believe

    this stock should be trading at a multiple above 30. In my opinion, that is where we are headed, most likly lower. I can tell you after 30 years, they all reach their limits and become good companies and average stocks. Does anyone think that MSFT is not a great company with mega cash and a moat around their product, now take a look at the ten year chart. Never fall in love with a stock, sooner or later they all become average, this you must know to be a successful investor. Does the majority of the investing public fall in love with their holdings, check ten random stock message boards and you will find your answer. Is the significant SHFL run over, I don't know, but if I was betting, I would bet yes. Look out if they miss or the CC is average. Again, a great company, but in reality, despite what you are told, the majority of us are not buying a piece of a company when you buy stock, you are buying a betting slip on that company. Think I'm wrong, buy 10,000 shares of a given company and then call the CEO to give him your advice as an "owner." All of the above, just my opinion, what do I know.

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