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  • baumanncynde baumanncynde Apr 4, 2007 2:27 PM Flag

    New owner of 12.6% of SHFL shares

    O.k........i have been following bruce sherman at private cap. Mgmt. For is just the fact that is 10 year return is 20.16% and, of course, he has made me a ton of money. Hell, warren buffett doesn't even have that record..he comes in at 19.96% for same period of time.. I always say ...choose your own to all

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    • you and everyone else, he is a famous money manager with a fabulous record. i have all the respect in the world for him.

      my point is that you cannot compare his past gaming experience to SHFL. and everyone makes mistakes. hell, as i recall it his biggest (or at least some of his biggest) bets 2 years ago were on newspapers. how'd that work out?

      following a famous (and deservedly so) investor can be tricky, that's all i'm saying.

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      • No matter how smart the new owners think they are, they are on a loser buying Shfl at about an average of $20.

        When a fund buys such a large percentage of a company, it has had meetings with Shfl insider management [either on or off the record ]and apparently they have bought into the Yoseloff hype.

        Waddell and Reed a few weeks ago bought a further 700,000 shares at about $27 just before the latest big price drop, so just because it is a big fund dose'nt automatically mean it knows what it is doing.

        The biggest blunder that has surfaced from the huge price drop is the disgusting performance of the so called analysts.All were touting Shfl and acting as SHILLS when they should have been blowing the whistle on this over price dog.Now after the fact, these so called analysts have down graded Shfl.

        Clearly buying Shfl at $20 is a better buy than when it was $40.75, but it is still no bargin.

      • The best situation is to have more winners than losers. And he has been doing that for me for many years....that is all i am saying..