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  • jzandmebuddies jzandmebuddies May 31, 2008 7:31 PM Flag

    Shuffle is a Monopoly on the table game market

    now that they have purchased all of Progressive gamings table games.


    See you at again $40 within 4 years.

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    • If you knew anything about economics, you would realize that a monopoly does not guarantee profits. Go take MicroEc and get back with us.

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      • <<<If you knew anything about economics, you would realize that a monopoly does not guarantee profits. Go take MicroEc and get back with us. >>>

        True. In addition to having a monopoly, in order to be profitable you need to have customers who are willing to pay a price that will yield the owner/manufacturer a profit.

        SHFL has this. It has a monopoly, and its casino customers are willing to pay a decent price to get its products.

        This is a nice combination.

        You might want to double check your economics textbook: Having a product that customers want and having a monopoly on those products should yield good profits.

    • No SHFL Will not be at $40.00 Until they get rid of Yoseloff
      the useless turd. Totally Non inspirational, in Way over his head.

      This POS SHFL is a Monopoly--Not a Charity

      With a TOTALLY useless Board of Directors to settle for the Stench of Dr. Yoseloff

      They all settle for Mediocrity at best.

      Here is what I am talking about.

      Profit Margin -- 7.00%
      A blind, Retarded banker would not settle for that in a Monopoly, and a Kiss ass Board would Fire the POS President that settles for it.

      Singapore's casinos start opening next year too, Viet Nam looks to be opening up some casinos and Taiwan appears to be leaning toward legalizing gaming next.

      Of course there are many large openings closer to home and planned in Las Vegas as well.

      Yet there is No insider buying of this POS.......
      Why, you ask.
      Because Yoseloff is running it into the Ground, accepting
      Return on Assets --- 4.96%
      As a Job well done.
      Instead of a Complete failure.

      This is a MONOPOLY...!!! Not a Charity...!!

      It has to Cut Costs and raise Prices...!

      Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy N/A ---or NONE

      All the While in the BIGEST CASINO GROWTH RATE IN HISTORY....

      Bobshfl---Putsches this Piece of Trash......

      I just show how Yoseloff has Completely mismanaged SHFL.
      and continues to do so day in and day out.

      HE has NO CLUE........
      He is Worthless at his job..........
      and he has Plenty of help from his worthless V.P. Mr Paul Meyer who seems to have no clue......


      You can lead a Dog to water but you can NOT make him drink of the fountin of KNOWLEDGE.............

      For allowing this to go on...

      i 812

    • Does anybody dispute that shuffle has a monopoly on the table game casino market?