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  • kbloisab2 kbloisab2 Feb 5, 2009 1:59 PM Flag


    You will never meet a more incompetent filthy incompetent scumbag shill in your life time than brigham.

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    • I have no stock in SHFL, but occasionally check the m-board because I like there games and was impressed with tablemaster on a cruise ship. However, everytime I check the board I see some guy named KBLOB blasting a guy named Brigham and Bob.

      Kblo, was correct in regards to SHFL's share price. But I think his obsession with the other two guys are a mental disorder. Kbloib, you were right leave it alone. I would like to hear some rational discussion regarding there debt and future share price. Can anyone enlighten me on there future prospects. I have read that they were leasing products, than sold them to increase sales, and now are back to leasing. Leasing seems to be a more stable revenue stream.

      In addition, I just recently went to Tampa and saw all there products being used in the new casino. I would think with tax revenues being squeezed, more governments will approve casino's to generate revenue. I also play 3-card, and let it ride. I like those games much better than slots, or black jack.

      My question to the board is, can Shuffle overcome there debt, and how much of the recession will impact earnings, and there ability to survive this recession/depression.
      Interest buyer. Thanks

    • Kblow, if you don't take your meds, STDs can do serious shit to your brain.

    • If Brigham is a filthy incompetent scumbag shill, what does that make you?