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  • j__potter j__potter Dec 26, 2001 8:02 PM Flag

    Digital Phone Lie

    I was scheduled to have Digital Phone service installed on Dec. 26, between 1-4 PM. I contacted Customer Service at around 2 wanting to confirm my install, they said they had until 4 to be there. I said OK. At 3:45 I noticed my rarely used Cell phone voice mail was lit. A man by the name of "Kelly" with ATT had left a voice mail wanting to confirm. I called him back and was told it was too late to get the phone service installed. He asked "You didn't check your messages until now?" I said no. I asked why he didn't knock at the door. He at first started to say he had knocked at the door, but then said that they don't "ROLL" by unless someone picks up the phone. I said I was home all day waiting for him, he LAUGHED and said I need to reschedule.

    I conacted Customer Support and spoke with Destiny. She informed me that it was not policy to require the customer to answer their phone on the day of the installation. She put me on hold and called "dispatch". Dispatch had recorded that Kelly had indeed been to my front door and knocked, but no one was home. Destiny asked if there was a door tag, I checked but there was none. Kelly had recorded he had been at my house at 12:13 on December 26. This is a lie, not only did he admit to me that he didn't come to the house, but there was no door tag either.

    I wasted a vacation day to meet ATT to have my phone service installed. I have already coordinated with Pacific Bell to have my service terminated on 12/26 and also CUT SHORT MY TRIP HOME TO NEVADA FOR CHRISTMAS to be at my house on Dec 26.

    I am compeltely outraged. Destiny did offer to reschedule, but not until January 12!!??? I need someone in Management to contact me ASAP or I must contact the California PSC, AG, BBB, and FCC

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    • How much do you think AT&T lost on that project. Probably less than on NCR or Concert.

    • The same thing happened to me recently with a package from FedEx. The guy said he stopped by my place on a Friday but he did not leave a notice. My first notice was on Monday..

      Anyway, you'll find employees like them in every company.

    • By: j__potter
      Date: 12/26/01 08:02 pm

      !!??? I need someone in Management to contact me ASAP or I must contact the California PSC, AG, BBB, and FCC
      Did you not request to speak to Destiny's supervisor? Call them back and when the phone is answered, request to speak to a supervisor. Get a name and phone number. When you get the supervisor on line, you first question should be for the name and phone number for his/her supervisor. Then explain what happened and tell the supervisor what you want done to correct the situation.

    • running_out_of_nicknames running_out_of_nicknames Dec 26, 2001 8:54 PM Flag

      Get used to it. Better yet, postpone any use of any of their products. I was one of the first converts to their digital broadband phone service, which they oversold and underdeveloped and are now shutting down.

      I had to convert back to SBC by Jan. 5th and get this, the business phone number they originally gave could only be used by ATT and cannot be transferred to or use by Southwestern Bell or anyone else for that matter. And ATT is unable (or unwilling) to allow any form of call forwarding or a message indicating a new number. So as of last Friday, anyone calls my prev. bus #, they get a disconnect message. Customer Service just an hour ago blamed it on SBC. I just called AT&T C.S. back, was on hold approx. 10 minutes, then the line picked up and guess what....immediately hung up.

      Anybody wonders why AT&T stock is down, easy. They suck. I came to this board looking around to see if there is anyone contemplating a lawsuit over the digital broadband debacle and saw your note.

      Anything, including walkie talkies or megaphones is better than using AT&T.

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