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  • light4utah light4utah May 9, 2002 11:21 AM Flag

    Losing Market Share!!!

    If it�s a non-issue then why is T doing anything
    and everything to stop it?
    They have spent more time and money trying to kill this issue than any other in history.
    at the rate they are releasing disinformation
    they would appear to be quite desperate!!!
    If they spent as much time competing as they do
    crying to anyone who will listen.
    T's position in the market would be much stronger

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    • Does this mean you'll be dumping ALL companies and ALL stock? Actually, I would recommend the latter but it would be hard to live in the 21st century without relying on ANY company. Maybe if you live on a farm but still that would be difficult.

    • I guess you didn't understand my post. Please reread it, I wasn't refering only to T, I was referring to ALL businesses.

      By the way, I'm not a complainer; I had the good sense to dump their service after having it for 46 years. I'll probably be doing the same with their stock.

    • Boat anchor? - I like that.

    • >>More service needed to be automated to lower costs to achieve the lower prices that are demanded.<<
      That's the idea Hans! No people, no service, no customers, no sales, no profits, no return to shareholders. You and T management are business geniuses!

      Soon T will have no market share and it will all be the fault of greedy customers! No wonder T is dropping market share like a boat anchor.

    • You're a real idiot. I don't think, I KNOW AT&T gets prepaid card traffic on its network. I could tell you exactly how it's routed but I don't think your little mind would be up to the task.

    • hey blues how much local market shares has verizon loss,you guys don't get it, long distance is dead,at&t has long said that. any market shares that verizon picks up,they probably are not making enough money on it,the money will be made in networks tailored
      to big business,thats why am bullish on at&t business services they have that optical network in place,and they will get thier share of the local market,at&t will be in the hunt to win.

    • By: GR_Magic
      Date: 05/09/02 01:14 pm
      >>Where's the beef? AT&T sells precard cards and routes prepaid trafic over its network> NEXT.<<
      GR, you just continue to miss the point with your "T-think" appoach (blinders in nearly closed position) to issues. First, who says T gets all, if any, of the prepaid card traffic on its network.

      Second, I realize as a T employee you are in a state of denial as your world crumbles around you, but the FACTS are the FACTS: T is a shrinking company, much like one of those dying stars in space that collapses in upon itself until it becomes a giant black hole sucking in everything around it!

      READ below the section you missed about the OVERALL long distance market:
      ....The firm's survey findings also indicate long distance behemoths are losing market share. AT&T Corp. declined to 42 percent, but it still accounts for three times the share of the next largest long-distance carrier, Worldcom Inc. The share of the three largest long-distance carriers (No. 3 being Sprint Corp.) declined from 82 percent to 66 percent of all long distance calling since January 2000.

      "The only major carrier to show any gains in long distance is Verizon (Communications)," says Joey Wolff, partner at Solomon-Wolff. "It is now the fourth largest long distance carrier in terms of residential customers served, in spite of the fact that it does not offer long distance service in all states.''

    • >>>AT&T also carries LD traffic for Cellular.

      As a wholesaler...low margin distribution.
      At lower expense.

    • >>>AT&T also carries LD traffic for Cellular.

      As a wholesaler...low margin distribution.

    • AT&T also carries LD traffic for Cellular.

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