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  • good_citizen92 good_citizen92 Oct 25, 2004 11:22 AM Flag

    Huge Iraqi blunder

    Lastest news - 380 TONS of high explosives missing in Iraq!!


    Another massive Bush screw up. Now the terrorists have all of the explosives they need. So much for protecting the states

    Bush is more interested in giving tax breaks to billionaires.

    Pure incompetence - kick the bum out before he blows the world up!!

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    • Cover up? Yo're hurtin' my sides, man. The report was filed by an imbedded TV reporter from NBC.

      It was shown on TV in April, 2003.
      It was shown on TV in April, 2003.
      It was shown on TV in April, 2003.
      It was shown on TV in April, 2003.

    • I suggest you get a clue before you spew!!!!

      The 2003 invasion of Iraq began on March 19, 2003, when forces belonging primarily to the United States and the United Kingdom invaded Iraq. Ground forces from Australia and Poland and naval forces from Australia, Denmark and Spain also played a supporting role. After approximately three weeks of fighting, Iraq's Ba'athist government was toppled and the 2003 occupation of Iraq began. The international community was divided on the legitimacy of this invasion; see worldwide government positions on war on Iraq.

      The start of hostilities came after the expiration of a 48-hour deadline which was set by U.S. President George W. Bush, demanding that Saddam Hussein and his two sons Uday and Qusay leave Iraq, ending the diplomatic Iraq disarmament crisis; see George W. Bush speech of March 17, 2003

    • Guess what:

      The story is from April, 2003. The story is from April, 2003. The story is from April, 2003. The story is from April, 2003. The story is from April, 2003. The story is from April, 2003.The story is from April, 2003. The story is from April, 2003.

      That's because Bush covered it up for 1 1/2 years just like he's tried to do with all of his other failures.

    • that one's already been responded to.

      did you read the one on the ba board about the guy who submitted the report to the un?

    • Looks like NYT story is being verified by the AP - see previous post of mine.

      The situation makes common sense. The Iraqis (our allies) told the IAEC about the problem 2 months ago. The IAEC told Condi and gave her time to find out what was happening.

      All the white house had to do was to hold a quickie newsconference and show the claims to be false.


      In any event, this is amateur hour at the white house.
      They can't seem to get anything right.

      Kick the bums out before they blow themselves (and us) up!

    • >> the contrary, P-Head, the fact that you can label casualty reports as a "diversion" speaks for itself.<<

      when you can show me how casualty reports have anything to do with the NYT re-hash of a story that's 18 months old, then i'll rescind my statement about your diversions.

    • the contrary, P-Head, the fact that you can label casualty reports as a "diversion" speaks for itself.

    • ...Thank you for the correction bugeyebillie.

      Indeed, I spelled that wrong, and accept full responsibility, unlike some folks. Speaking of tenents and quotes, here's one for you bugeye, from last February:

      With one sentence during a very direct, factual and effective speech on Thursday at Georgetown University, CIA Director George Tenet put the Iraq monkey squarely on the back of George W. Bush.

      "Let me be clear," Tenet said. "Analysts differed on several important aspects of these programs and those debates were spelled out in the estimate. They never said there was an imminent threat."

      What George T. told George W. was, "Don�t blame this on the intelligence."

    • ...Hey, farout. How come I feel like I'm talkin' to a wall, here. Rack up another buck for mentioning the "L" word.

      "It wasn't last week, it was April, 2003."

      The letter from the current government official was about two weeks ago, but if you keep changing the subject, perhaps it'll go away. He stated they were taken since that time, but you know better than he does.

      OH, and don't look now, but our main man in Iraq, Prime Minister Allawi, is now blaming US for the recent massacre of his troops. The bus is pulled over, these guys are shot in the head by terrorists, and the main puppet of this wonderful new democracy is blaming us.

      Yeah, guys, everythings going just great in Iraq. Somebody straighten this guy out. It wasn't us - it was the New York Time's fault.

      Iraq Blames U.S.-Led Forces for Army Massacre
      Reuters - Michael Georgy

      "There was an ugly crime in which a large group of National Guards were martyred," Prime Minister Iyad Allawi told Iraq's national assembly.
      "We believe this issue was the outcome of major neglect by some parts of the multinational (forces)," he said without elaborating."

      Hey, faroutside, p-head, et al - Is Reuters on your acceptable reading list?

    • Did ya ever think that even people in government are human? Is it even remotely possible that the people involved this time might not have been enough involved during the war to remember? Do you recall every fact about that war? Why is this story being distorted and blown all out of proportion now?

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