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  • echo2165 echo2165 Oct 26, 2004 12:14 PM Flag

    Huge Iraqi blunder

    "...McClellan said the IAEA informed U.S. mission in Vienna on Oct. 15 about the missing explosives at Al-Qaqaa. He said national security adviser Condoleeza Rice was notified 'days after that,' and she then informed President Bush."

    Okay, then let's reason this out together. If what you say is true - that, in fact, the explosives were missing before April, 2003 - then why on earth, if you are the administration would you NOT COME FORWARD with that information, thus refuting the entire issue. Secondly, who just recently came forward with this information, originally? It wasn't the DNC. It wasn't the New York Times. It wasn't a LIBERAL. It was Mohammed J. Abbas, a senior official at Iraq's Ministry of Science and Technology. (Am I wrong here, or is he supposed to be on our side?) The Times only reported that he just came forward with it. Had the Administration said a week ago, "well, we have this official concern in Baghdad, but we know for a fact those explosives weren't there at that time", (assuming that was true), there would be no issue at all now. Why did it take the Times article to even get a comment from the administration about Abbas' letter? By not even mentioning it, the administration creates suspicion by default. Investigative journalism isn't how we, the public, need to get information from our government.

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