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  • brenz47 brenz47 Nov 1, 2004 12:44 PM Flag

    Same expert gentlemam can help me?

    sorry for my english language I never study it.
    At 1 January 2001 I was having 600 T of Dow Jones, after my bank give me same AWE and after more same CMCSA.
    I dont believe on my bank,my bank keep me big money for commitions only and never give me information about( I'm waiting for that from 1 year).
    Well, now I try ask at you:
    How many T,AWE and CMCSA I do to have now for to constate regular operation in my bank?
    Sorry, but many time my bank fuck me!( Italian-napoli's style!!!!!!)

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    • ..."but english not than I cannot understand you .....sorry!"

      Hey, join the crowd. Nobody here understands me.

    • Hallo mister Echo,
      ser dpf0225 explane me very clear where I can take information for my question.
      One year before I ask that information from my bank, but until now nothing!Bank in my country preferred suggest at people to buy(sure investiment bond) of Cirio, Parmalat ect ect .
      What do you want I do?.....I try to ask here!
      I can to speak 4 languages but english not than I cannot understand you .....sorry!
      Very important it is I understood mister dpf 0225 and now I bring solution at my problem.
      See you.......passatela bene.

    • This one might get the reward this year.


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      Filed by Matt Drudge.

    • ...they still owe you a toaster.

      • 1 Reply to echo2165
      • Hallo!
        I dont know what's "toaster": my english it's very bad!
        Please mister Echo:" Do you know the exactly split and swich of T from 1 January 2001?
        Bank give me: before AWE and after CMCSA( only not more) but I think the bank( it's normally in my shit country) my be fuck me.
        It's so hard for me make information from my bank( top secret)I ask in my bank about, one year before.
        Can you help me!From 600 T now( in November 2004:
        How many T?
        How many AWE?
        How many CMCSA?
        Thank you

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