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  • energetic77 energetic77 Jan 26, 2005 11:45 AM Flag

    A call to the board


    Personally I am not interested in those whose agendas relate to employment or moral issues that often vent on these boards. Such have the right to post if they wish, but I am not seeking to communicate with them.
    I ask people on this board, what are the factors as they see it why T shares should be bought or sold at this time. What are the fundamental reasons for such action. What are the rumors out there? Not made up by posters but real talk on the street. What time sensitive factors do you see? Please back up any statement with material if you can.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • "if you respond to a sneeze with a "God bless you", you might get shot by a cop...."
      I figure I will be dead by then. Well, I hope so anyway.

    • Echo, do you read? I told you I already did the email, US mail, and phone route to the executive suite. All a big waste of time.

      And if you think, as a customer, I should take time and money to go to a shareholder meeting, where I likely would be called out of order, to publicly berate management, you are of another planet. Indeed, management should be coming to visit me if they did their job. Why should any customer have to work that hard to help save the stockholder's company? I have no interest in doing so - only penalizing management for their callous disregard of the customer until such time as customers are better taken care of. In time, we will be gone when our contracts expire and our voices will be muted.

    • ...

      Clarification: I'm with the SEC...the Short Eradication Commission, who, coincidentally just commissioned my following work, inspired by ships_going_down:

      The ship, she rocked, from stem to stern,
      As gale force winds took hold,
      The sea was mad, the skies grew dark,
      The crew was tired and cold.

      The winds lashed out, as lightening flashed,
      The swells tossed all asunder,
      The sails were torn, the mast aloft,
      Seemed lost amidst the thunder.

      �We can�t go on, we�re doomed it seems,�
      Said one, and all were thinking,
      That this fierce storm would do them in,
      Their ship and hopes were sinking.

      As all seemed lost, and hopes grew dim,
      A strange thing did occur �
      The clouds above withdrew their scorn,
      The seas calmed, as they were.

      And from the dark and dreary skies,
      A ray of light was seen.
      And the heavens shined a radiant beam,
      Of sunlight warm and clean.

      The skipper bellowed loud and clear,
      From high above the decks,
      "Remember, mates, when things look bad,
      Some ships survive the wrecks.

      As sure as dawn will follow night,
      And waves create the swells,
      You longs will sail again one day,
      And shorts...go fuck yourselves."

      �2005 echo2165

      disclaimer: I hold no T shares and could give a rat's ass one way or the other what happens to the share price.

    • energetic77,

      I can understand your request although I am a bit surprised that you did not include those messages that are somewhat silly such as those speaking of thumbs and someone named Sally. Perhaps those were included under the "moral issues" label.

      A brief case for the messages by current and/or former employees. When Henry V was in France with his army he received the usual information on the state of his forces from his commanders. He also went out among the troops in disguise to find the true state of his army. He could well have relied on the official view concerning number of troops, arrows, knights, lances etc but wanted to know what the actual soldiers thought. It would not be wise to fight with what seemed to be good numbers but have an army that broke and ran at the first contact.

      Think of the official information you want as news from the generals. News from the troops may well be more important in determining the state of the company.

      Just another note. This message board plays an important role in keeping the employees informed. Company handouts are just happy news propaganda and many times real news is not even mentioned. This board is the underground that provides employees with what is actually going on. And many more employees read this than choose to post on it. This alone is a good reason to keep one of the kinds of messages you dislike continued.

      Just one person's humble opinion.

      • 1 Reply to t34xyz
      • One thing I learned early on with AT&T is that the employees talk to each other. Some management do not realize this. When I was in Georgia, the third line over the group where I worked was over Dallas also at one point. He went to Dallas and told them that Dallas would be around forever. Then, because a lot of us in Georgia were from Dallas and wanting to go back, he told us that Dallas would soon be shut down. He was shocked that Dallas found out what he said to us before he could get out of town. He moved on to another job in about three months. It was not unusual for word to move from the East Coast to the West Coast in less than one day. We all worked with each other and we all kept everybody else informed.

    • Despite the lack of customer service, AT&T continues to have the best data networking facilities in the business. ATM/frame and the IP backbone are the benchmark for the industry. It is too bad that the customer service doesn't match the quality of the product.

    • SAY WHAT?? So where is the village idiot supposed to go and play now??? Never had a chance to get my comeback off the ground. bye bye pup

    • ...Now, wait a minute, here. Let me get this straight. Are you suggesting that, perhaps, some of the posters here are being somewhat less than sincere? Would you imply that just because a poster has an alias something like, oh, I dunno', how 'bout "ships going down", and relentlessly, day after day, posts every possible negative issue about a particular stock, that maybe that person isn't REALLY looking out for our best interests????? I'm SHOCKED, I tell you, absolutely shocked to think that all these fine people here aren't just altruists with our best interests at heart.

      Why, I'd bet you might even suggest that some of these posters have more than one ID, as well. And, then, I suppose that rather than caring about you and I, you think that they are stupid enough to believe that what they say could possibly have any bearing on the investment decisions of a naive public. If that's what you're implying, I'm just numb with disbelief. All these years I've listened to these nice folks. Damn, ya' learn somethin' every day.

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