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  • yahoo yahoo May 6, 2005 9:55 AM Flag

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    • Your right,, But ARMSTRONG LIED TO THE WORLD.

    • When one considers the buys takeovers etc.. aquisitions T, is a strong buy......Big Mike has been rebuilding the company for the century; and you don't pull this off in a week...GO T Sid

    • just reported sales.

      • 2 Replies to captzorro_2000
      • mostly factored into the price last week. Helps
        the stock buyback, that is ongoing..The only reason I
        mentioned it is because, has signed up
        millions, and more everyday. The free ISP is a problem for
        many more company's than just AOL. Bluelight was only
        a 2 cent drag on the earnings. That's not much,
        when you consider the potential....
        Hey I love T,
        especially at this price! Wasn't bashing just disagreed that
        all the free isp's are bad. There is this one

      • CMA at the shareholders meeting will not have
        good news for us.Because there is no good news...All
        the news he could tell us is already out--the Media
        One deal will be done--not new news--in fact,it's
        gonna cost T an extra 3 billion dollars because of the
        low stock price---so no good news there.Awe is pretty
        much a failure--it's below IPO price.He can tell us
        how many shares of AWE we get for each share of
        T--but that won't make the stock rise that much,if at
        all...and give the co. position,he won't tell us the amount
        or when the distribution of AWE will be...cable roll
        out and execution to be the largest cable co is
        probably proceeding as planned--but truthfully,it's way to
        slow...and TDMA is really inferior to CMDA and without T
        making a breakthrough with TDMA,it'll slowly go downhill
        too..So,don't expect any good news at the shareholders
        meeting..actually,the best news would be his resignation announced
        AFTER the media one deal is complete..i'm long on T..i
        have 1800 shares at a cost basis of 49 1/2--i bought
        into CMA's vision--now i'm stuck and can only hope
        that in 1-2 yrs i'll get my money out...I guess we can
        always hope for some co. to buy us out....

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