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  • MPNgone MPNgone Feb 21, 2007 8:27 AM Flag

    Yellow Pages

    Does anyone have a feel for what is going to happen to the Directory business? I know they are pushing, but does anyone use it?
    I would think directories would be declining pretty fast.
    A lot of profit comes from that business and it concerns me that it won't be able to keep up.

    Any Thoughts?

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    • $480 annually

    • is used as local search tool by tens of millions of buyers every month. How does that grab you?

      • 2 Replies to blsryp
      • It grabs me that you don't know much about the internet nor me! You first response commenting line by line was just stupid and it didn't make sense!
        "You say that you sell a 5 page template web site for $39 a month. So what? Who sees it?
        We don't think that's a good deal."

        No I say that is what TDO sells and it is a lousy value, our paid click packages are a joke price wise and most of our hits that you see on ad tracker for come from "yahoo and our partners" that have the listings
        geographically not by the tier they purchase from us (you might have to think about that one for awhile, but if you do you might catch on in a week or 2)
        I do own several thousand shares of T, and I think T as a company will do great in the upcoming years as an investment. If you haven't noticed, we are never mentioned in Corporate press releases (at times there are some about IYP alone) Keep drinking the Kool-Aid and I wish you luck! You are probably one of those managers that they needed to promote because the good sales reps didn't want to take a pay cut and you were an inside sales for 18 months and never carried the bag! Remember the managers moto, "The longer I have been a manager, the better rep I was" (Or never were)

    • MPNgone, please allow me to begin by commenting on your remarks for a moment,

      You say that you sell a 5 page template web site for $39 a month. So what? Who sees it?
      We don't think that's a good deal.
      We have plenty to talk about, you obviously don't know much about what is out there. I do not envy you in any way!
      This is not your future, it is our future because we don't sell websites that don't provide results for $39 like you do.
      The knowledge of our sales reps is why we are getting the job done every day.
      You say the knowledge of, "our", customer will be our demise!
      Our customers have never been more knowledgeable.
      These are not your customers.
      They belong to us.
      Here's why.

      Now my remarks...
      MPN whatever, you obviously can't sell the great product portfolio that we offer, through a lack of either your skill or your will, (or better yet, because we never hired your sorry ass). The reality is that thousands and thousands of small, medium and large firms are looking for solutions every day and we provide them to the same each and every day.
      We offer the very best value for many market segments and have since 1910. We at LM Berry/BAPCO, (now joined with the new AT&T if you haven't heard), will continue lead the industry for years to come based upon our customer's response to our solutions, our vision, our business plan, our strong leadership and the determination of our employees to win. Our sales people who are on the street and our product/solutuion offerings are the envy of the yellow pages industry. We do not buy in to the doom and gloom you speak of because we know that our future is bright.
      Wait and see...and in the meantime, buy yourself some T.

    • we sell a 5 page template web site for $39 monthly.
      If you think that is a good deal then we really don't have anything else to talk about, you obviously don't know much about what is out there. I envy you in a way, Ignorance is Bliss!!! You state that our future in the internet products
      depends on the knowledge of our sales rep, I say the knowledge of our customer will be our demise!

    • You are right the print side is not going away and we do run it like a growth business. T lost money and Bapco wrote 1.4% positive growth on about $2b in core revenue.
      Not sure what the T side of the house does but the BLS side amde 64% of our books and exp growth in both print and internet.

      We have never really taken a bath but we did clean up revenue and implement a more stringent credit policy.

      As for being over priced I agree and disagree. our 5 page website is very competitively priced. Sat in front of a customer the other day and compared our price to what he could have built and we were much cheaper. Probably depends on area etc. The IYP arena is an area that is going to experience tremendous growth. Our piece of the pie is dependant on skill and rep knowledge of how to sell the product. We are also going to need to consistently improve and mold our offerings to the industry and what is "hot" vs industry std. products.

      All in all the future in my eyes is very bright.

    • Great post!!!

    • The yellow Page (print) is not going away anytime soon. the problem is that the company still runs it like a growth business. The print side will continue to decline. It has terrific margins and the Yp industry will make a lot of money for years to come. Just not grow! If you look at T's year end report, print lost $95 million in print and increased $75 million in IYP. BLS from my understanding, took a bath several years ago cleaning up their books from bad debt and crazy deals. It explains why they have some stability on the print side. The problem with our IYP and our other internet products is we are EXTREMELY over priced compared to the internet products pay per clicks and web sites etc. As the business public gets more knowledge of how to advertise on the internet we will have another hurdle in that arena!internet products is we are EXTREMLEY over priced compared to the internet products pay per clicks and web sites etc. As the business public gets more knowledge of how to advertise on the internet we will have another hurdle in that arena! T will do great, I just don't know where we will fit in!

    • No info, just a wish of good luck!

    • Thanks for the quick responses to ALL...

      Being in B2B for over 8 years as well as working for myself on a few side projects - I know that their are always going to be differences of opinions... I think this forum is great to get some good info and hopefully do enough due diligence to make an informed decision on what my next step will be...

      I'm in the Pittsburgh area and am well aware of the new premise team from AT&T offering "HEAVY HUNTING" with so called "easy 6figure+ income" but that approach raises questions heavy rep turnaround probably?? not sure though...

      I also know idearc is expanding in order to upsell and maintain there #1 iyp position...

      and not quite sure what yellowbook has to offer but I shall soon see...

      I am setting up interviews with them all and will hopefully come to a decision whether or not it is a good opportunity vs. what else is out here in the outside B2B world...

      any more input is greatly appreciated...

    • Global Online Yellow Pages Ad Revenues to Nearly Triple by 2011

      MARCH 13, 2007

      Advertising revenues from print and Internet yellow pages, along with local search, will grow to $38.9 billion globally in 2011, up from $30.6 billion in 2006, according to the Kelsey Group.

      The print sector of the global directories market will grow slightly through 2011 to $27.8 billion, up from $26.5 billion in 2006. The online sector will reach $11.1 billion globally in 2011, nearly tripling the 2006 level of $4.1 billion.

      "Increasing SEM prices, and the resulting margin compression, are causing resellers and aggregator sales channels to invest heavily in SEO platforms," said Matt Booth of the Kelsey Group. "Yellow Pages publishers with deployed sales forces are positioning to bring more advertisers and content to the local search experience as a means to control more of the digital economics."

      His colleague Neal Polachek noted that "while SMBs continue to utilize traditional media, they are increasingly turning to targeted, vertical electronic media."

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