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  • sugancaneking sugancaneking May 15, 2008 10:03 PM Flag

    Your union dues at work ~ ~ ~ tee hee hee

    I say looka here,YOUR union is endorsing Barack HUSSEIN Obama!?!?!?!?!
    Aren't you glad YOUR union dues are being spent on the candidate nobody really knows for sure what he stands for, other than the associates he stands with (you know, the preacher and radical bomb thrower, oops, I mean fellow democrats). The candidate who is the indisputably most liberal senator in the country. The candidate who makes Hillary look like Rush. Read his books and they'll scare the holy bejeesus out of you. This guy is one angry #@*%)#@($*&, just like the missus. Yeah, you know, the guy who wants to "talk" to terrorist leaders and reason with them!? My GOD. What is he smokin? Just think what will happen if this kook got elected which fortunately he won't. Too many "sweeties" out there are going to put John Boy in the White House. And now the gay rights whackos are going to flush out even more mainstream Americans to vote against the democratic way. Better watch out for those of us bitterly clinging to religion and guns.I love it! Good luck CWA. You and other unions will have to wait another four years to push your socialist agenda.
    Your dismissed.

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    • Hey SugarCaneQueen, "tee hee hee" either your true gayness is in overload, or more probably Moeisanidiot is tickling your tonsils.

    • Are you aware that Hussein is the most chosen middle name of Christian Arabs living in the United States?

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      • Sugardrunk never lets facts get in the way of his alcoholic delusions. He thinks the republikans have the right idea. Can you imagine anything further from reality? Oh wait, maybe I better ask that senile McCain. Yeah, you know the one who can't tell the difference between Shia and Sunni, or just about anything else.

    • "I know you wanna be me or atleast be the skidmark in my underwear.
      Your Dismissed!!"


      Actually, I would find it embarrassing to constantly misspell "you're."

      Unions support Democrats in general because they are more friendly to organized labor -- not overcompensated executives.

    • xntrcti May 16, 2008 3:04 PM Flag

      Point #1: If you object to how the union uses the dues allocated for political reasons you may "opt out" of paying that portion of your dues. Which will net you maybe $100-$200 for the year.

      Point #2: I'm very happy CWA has endorsed Obama. Former President Clinton did quite a bit for the american employee, including FMLA. However, I don't like how Hilary has behaved in this campaign, and I personally support Obama.

      Funny thing is I'm part of Hilary's claimed demographic: White Female, Union Member, and struggling middle class.

      I'd never heard of Obama before these primaries, but I have done some reading about him, his voting history in Illinois, and his background.

      I like that he has stood his ground on the gas tax. Robbing the coffers of the tax income needed for infrastructure is a poor substitute for persuing the real problem of the exhorbitant profits of the oil industry and all the tax breaks they receive. I say end the tax breaks, they need no free ride and investigate the impetus that has allowed the speculators to reap so many benefits thru the suffering of us all at the pumps.

      I think he's the prime candidate to lead the Democrats into the Whitehouse, support CWA and all union members, and bring back a healthier economy for America.

      I'm an American, born and raised. I don't wear a flag pin for the same reason I don't wear a Cross to demonstrate my faith.

      These things are in the heart, those who point to such a petty thing as a reason not to vote for Obama are merely grasping at every flimsy straw they can.

      As for inflamatory remarks by Pastors...there have been many Pastors and Clergy I haven't always agreed with, that doesn't mean they don't have a right to speak. Nor does it mean they reflect my views simply because I happen to be sitting in the pew that day. It may mean I will not occupy that seat in the future.

    • First CWA dues money cannot in any way be used for any other purpose than the operation of the locals, discticts, and the national. Larry Cohen is a "Super Delegate", his support is his own. Second it will come before the CWA convention to be voted on by the members.

      Why not talk about the way in which T is run? Why not talk about the amount of money the company is making?
      Why not talk about the amount of money Randy is making? Why not talk about "Project Lightspeed"? Why not talk about the 4000-5000 managers that are getting let go? Why not talk about the upcoming strike with 4000-5000 less managers to push out trouble tickets and service orders only to save them for when CWA'ers return to work to collect double time to fix all of the trouble that managers caused by bad policies, practices and procedures. Why don't we talk about customer service, after all that is who we all work for?

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      • You all forget; The dumbocrats have controlled the Congress for the past four years(nothing accomplished)The dumbocrats in the Senate have done nothing but veto and have failed to pass anything of importance.
        And Bush continues to take it on the chin because you dumbocrats can't seem to understand what is going on. You are to wrapped up in the dumbocratic party. Go Hillary!!!

    • They say imitation is the best form of flattery. But we all know there can only be one Sugar.

    • Sugardrunk:
      I take it your mother got a night off at the strip club? Must have for you to sober up enough to have one of your fellow trailer park dwellers to type your last message for you.
      Your last message was the usual incoherent rant from the product of two related carnies.
      Your ilk rails againt Obama because Grampy McCain doesn't have a platform, intelligence or a chance in hell.
      Go back to licking spilled booze up off the dance floor.

    • I agree, it is so wrong of the CWA to endorse Obama, or any cantidate. My Union dollars should not be spent to endorse whom they think is the best Democrat! Should be illegal.

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