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  • cencoastsurfer cencoastsurfer Mar 9, 2009 9:46 PM Flag

    Chime In -- Will Wireline Strike????

    A strike at this time you only damage the foundations of the union. As a retired manager who is training the managers to take over in the event of a work stoppage, I can say I have never seen preparation at this level ever. I retired after 29 years. I have read the threads, and many on here think the training is a joke, or that it's lacking. I can assure you it isn't. The leaders doing the training are the best they have ever had. Extremely professional and safety minded. And ATT has worked hard to revamp all the training centers to proved the best training. The good thing about this is this: When they do settle, now the union can push to use the training centers for the low performers. They can use this as a way to retain the poor employee, using a better training center with better modules. So, if i were the union, I would settle with a clause to force management to take all the low performers and make them go through all the same training the managers did. A strong, competitive well trained workforce is the bargaining chip the union needs.

    Just sayin'

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    • I applaud your enthusiasm.

      As a current employee, I only wish Pacbell/SBC/ATT had decided to employ these superior trainers/instructors when I was going through training years ago, it would have made things progress much faster if that had been the case....Makes you wonder why they held back these awesome fuckin "leaders" who instead of training US to do OUR JOBS during the good times, they wait until strike time to gather together the super trainers to train a bunch of scabs and managers.

      I learned how to do my job from experienced co-workers who knew something and weren't afraid to share it with a young whippershnapper like myself.

      Now, let me give you a dose of reality. There are some jobs that can be taught and others that have to be learned.

      If we go out on strike, it will hurt BOTH the company and the union. T cannot afford to lose more customers in this economy any more than a union brother can afford to lose out on another paycheck (or team award, don't get me started on that one). Things are tough all over and this company needs seasoned techs to survive.

      Just save all that "company's fine" jargon and get to the real point of your post, which is: You want the union to cave because you know that these "trained" people aren't ready, period.

      They don't have the numbers and the DEFINITELY don't have the experience. I'll say it again: Some jobs you can be "trained" to do and some jobs you have to "learn" how to do.

      Oh well. We'll see what happens, I guess.

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      • Heh, well, as far as "holding back" with the good leaders in training, most of us are retired, and worked in positions that would not allows us to impact the work force. And, with the responsibilities we were burdened with gave us absolutely no free time to train.

        I started as a service tech at the Jefferson Street location, South Central. I transfered to OC, and was surplussed 5 times in 1980. I eventually became an MST, and bounced back and forth between construction and service operations for 5 years. I move up in 1996, and became a deuce in 2000. Do I know what it takes to achieve confidence in being a good tech? Any more question? I had my share of PDF's turned back to me by ST's who didn't want to climb the pole or get out of the truck. I was mentored by MST's who mastered the wheatstone bridge. I transistioned from the breakdown to the 965 and tone arc to the dsp and the riserbond. I teach the JDSU now. If you are asking me can an MST complete items, and rehab as he/she goes along in the day and the answer is yes. If you can teach confidence and empower the tech, and provide a workplace with affirmation of self worth, the productivity and quality will only improve. Does this happen today, sadly no, but only in a few places. Can it happen in all places? Only if the union and management work together. And it begins with you and anyone else in the yard you work at.

        So, yes ATT is employing good instructors to teach right now. Only because we are retired and have the time to impart that knowledge now. When the negotiations are over, the Union must push management to utilize us now. We want to teach you guys. We do want you to be the best, and the most valued telecom workers in the country. Some of these instructors are in their late 60's. So time is not on our side for some of us. Push for using us now

      • No strike, the customers have to many options now .Cable tv for internet and pots service is easy to switch to .They dont need to put up with crappy service they will receive during a strike .Cable tv will be very happy to come out (probably same day)to take our customer away.Once gone chances are we lost hin for good.

    • caadam2 Mar 9, 2009 10:13 PM Flag

      We could all use more training. I have nothing but good to say about the trainers I've encountered over the years; I think it's the online stuff that most find lacking. It's also a fact that no matter how good the training is you need aptitude for the job- and managing is not the same as fixing. Training also confers no immunity to angry customers, black widows, or other common hazards. I also doubt you'll see many of these folks in a muddy trench splicing a cable some fool with a backhoe just ripped in two. But hey, they could surprise me! Let's hope we never find out! BTW, thank you for helping managers understand what the people working for them do! Precious few come from the ranks- and I do mean precious- because they will address emergencies and possibly help prevent some of the lawsuits if we do go out.

    • OMG! Please tell me you are joking! Best preparation to date? Please!

      FYI -- the real issues are not with "leader" training. It is the WBT/CBT stuff. Most of which was OUTSOURCED for development.

    • My manager who is over cable splicers just got back from the CFL. He was trained to be a Premise Technician. He said that "if those that trained him were the best we had we are in trouble". He also stated "that God help any UVerse customer that he was dispatched to".
      Remember training is just that, nothing is better than real life experience and it has been a long time since managers have worked outside. Some of our best Techs are trained on UVerse problems and it sometime takes days for them to even find the trouble spot much less fix it

      Let rain, let it rain, let it rain!!!

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