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  • ospatteast ospatteast Mar 14, 2009 12:11 AM Flag

    no strike

    Three reasons why there will be no strike!
    1. VZ AND Q did not strike (same union) cwa.
    2. att will not take the chance of managers and scabs
    screwing up the outside plant an destroying u-verse
    and losing customers to cable or dish!
    3. weather, if local weather turns bad in the 22 state
    region (just a little rain) trouble reports will go up
    and the local dpuc's/puc's will be on att quicker than
    you could say "dallas cowboys) with a heaping of fines!

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    • aren't they working w/o contract until Aug 4 ?

    • no theres only 1 reason they won't strike,,,its because they have no spine

    • can't we just get along!

    • caadam2 Mar 29, 2009 6:42 PM Flag

      Missed a step- then we ratify it or reject it.

    • I wish I could agree with you but I think this time is different.

      The unions are under attack and in the terrible state the economy is in, people need jobs. Even those who may agree with the unions overall may be so hard up for money that they are willing to take a job, any job, for the moment.

      Labor in the midwest has been hurt dramatically with the downturn of fortunes in the big 3 and in turn, the UAW.

      The company is taking full advantage of this while the deck is stacked in their favor and trying to get significant concessions.

      We are striking to preserve what we have. If it were just medical, I'm sure we would still strike but they have a laundry list of concessions and we just can't blindly go along with that.

      The union does have a wildcard in its' favor: Obama

      Labor got out the vote big time in the last election and he owes us.

      You can already see that it appears the employee free choice act will go through.

      The midwest is hurting and any extended strike will not only hurt the economy but extended outages will hurt other businesses in their ability to run efficiently.

      Remember, when a carrier is down, the IEC is not only out of service but their end user is as well. Obviously, the higher capacity circuits and emergency services will get priority but what happens when the trouble is in the field and you have a major outage and it's pulp cable? How about a fiber cut? Sometimes, we will have crews of techs repairing that for 2 or 3 days. It's going boil down to the same thing. Even if you have some experience out there, when it comes to a major failure and total number of outages add up, management simply won't be able to keep up with the load.

      You know the IBEW supports CWA and they will be aware of our cause and how it will affect them, so they will be sympathetic and you know what that means.

      Things may move slower in that part of our region. IBEW's contract expires in June and obviously, the company doesn't want to risk them going out if we have an extended strike.

      Here's another factor in our favor. The weather isn't going to be grand this week in the midwest. The region is going to be hit with rain and possible snow starting next Friday through at least next Tuesday.

      Our contract expires on Saturday, 4/5 at 23:59. With no progress in talks, it would by my guess that our normal urgency to get things repaired may not be as great this week.

    • You nailed it. But to carry out your prediction a little bit more don't forget when this new contract is done, ALL union members will be paying health insurance and the world will be a better place to live. Let us all kneel to the east and pray to his holiness, the president Osama, oops, I meant Obama.
      Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can, I think I can, I think I can, I don't like Spam, I don't like Spam.

    • caadam2 Mar 28, 2009 9:55 PM Flag

      The company awards as little as nothing (as they just did) or up to above 100% of your average monthly pay including OT in a given year based on some arcane and never-revealed formula. This "secret formula" has been a bone of contention since this all started, and the company refuses to make it public (in short, they just do as they see fit with no accountability). The amount of the award is theoretically based on a rigorous analysis of profitabilty. This year, the excuse was that wireline missed their mysterious, never revealed targets badly. Yet if so, and the company made money, then some sector- say, mobility- must have done very well indeed, or the targets are completely unrealistic. That should have resulted in a very nice payout for mobility for carrying the rest of us so well. They got something, but certainly nothing magnificent. That's the game- there's no solid explanation for what we get (or don't get) because it's yet another Tall Tale from Texas. Sorry. Don't expect ethics. Expect smoke, mirrors, and loss.

    • I don't think I'm overestimating the bonuses.

      There are plenty of managers who put 50 hours or more weekly, there are also those who do their 40 and leave.

      Furthermore, I don't think management should have to pay for their medical. No one will disagree that we are EXTREMELY profitable. There is no reason why everyone shouldn't have full coverage but they do whatever they want to you and there is nothing you can say about it.

      Here's the other thing. Let's say the union workers start paying a much larger portion of their medical. Do you seriously think that what you pay will go down? Of course not. If anything, it will give the company incentive to gig you for more of it because they can say that the union is paying a larger share of theirs, so you should too.

      To add, I'm sorry that you didn't get your full award. We have record profitibility, you should have been entitled it.

    • three reasons why the strike will be short (even if there is a strike), Hi-caps, transfer network, u-verse ... they will all grind to a halt within a week or be on life support ... u-verse installations perhaps, required attempt by managers, Hi-caps and the tranfer network require very experienced techs who have been working in the network for years, even someone who retired a year ago won't be able to be effective ... when the priority tickets start coming in and they will the first weekend as they do every weekend ... nobody will be there ... and clecs could care less if there is a strike, a missed ticket is a missed ticket ... the fines will start rolling in and trust an old pacbell employee, here in ca ... the clecs will go straight to the puc, not att management ... I sure hope there isn't a stirke ... I would hate to see anyone other than a trained splicer open up a splice ... and as far as that goes, contractors working for everyone from the city to the cable companies are constantly hitting our cables and when someone takes out one of our cables ... good luck

    • Didn't answer my question. Is the "Normal" Team award as claimed above only 0.66% to 1% of the full time "salary" excluding overtime for the CWA Members?

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