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  • seerofme seerofme Mar 16, 2009 4:18 PM Flag

    These are the idiots running the company

    My boss has been assigned to be a prem-tech for strike duty. Now he came up through the company as an installer then a business tech, but they must feel that they will need premtechs during the strike. Out here in the East we are training premtechs by the dozen every week, he however, has been told that he will need to go to Ohio to get his training. He spends a morning sending e-mails making phone calls finally convincing someone that he can do the training right here with no travel. Ok, better for him, better for the company. Now this week he gets a message that he has been assigned to California for training, across the country. If you made this stuff up people wouldn't believe it. Stockholders, this is how your money is being spent. Please, when the proxy vote comes in your annual report, tell Randall to shove it by voting for the shareholder proposals and no on all of the directors.

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    • Unbelievable....

    • Unfortunately, most of the outside technicians spend more time and energy trying to get out of work. If they worked smarter, they would do more rehab as they repaired. Sadly, they have the "FOLO" method, find one and leave one out of service. This is tragic and the results of this will be a labor dispute that the company will allow to go into a strike. Take it from a retired tech. less than 20% of the outside force really cared and wanted to do a quality job. My experience was the poorest technician in the yards were the union stewards. I had great managers who encouraged quality and quantity and rewarded you on your performance, and the union quickly stepped in to grieve it and stop this behavior. I actually advocated the elimination of the union as it is today, and go to the union hall for work, and let management pick the workers it wants. You will see quality and quantity improve overnight, and those who want to work will have higher productivity just to get picked

    • unfortuneately, that person you commented on, are the type of people who still trive within the company... and the harder they work their month, the more they get promoted. Ever heard the buzz word, "work smart", it also means "work your month". And they love to be in positions where they can fire people, "Your Fired", how brainless is that. The truth is they should be fired... Not the people who "Work Hard" and make the company profitable.

    • If you don't like this, then resign in the morning. Put your money where your mouth is

    • caadam2 Mar 16, 2009 7:49 PM Flag

      For a hoot, I suggest Scott Adams' "Random Acts of Management". Remember- he came from this company- where do you think he got all the "Dilbert" gags?

    • The massive froce of the forlong and forgotten. Sad so sad, these "cubicle plants" dying to go outside, don't park at the crossbox,and go to your first job no coffee, GJ8, oh yeah they might get one done or maybe they can "fake it" like they do everything else...I know of a boss doing fiber, or sleeping in the van, is what he said,! Wow, we got nothing to worry about if this is what these cowboys spent their money on ...STRIKE for the middle class jobs...not corporate greed!

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