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  • executives_branch executives_branch Aug 8, 2009 8:36 AM Flag

    Republican Party is Now a Special Interest Group

    Any minority party that resorts to screaming, bullying, public caos, civil unrest, etc. in order to push their minority agenda forward is considered a special interest group. What's scary about the Republican Party special special interest group, is it's leaders who are likening President Obama to Adof Hitler, and other such proproganda to make this minority group scream louder and bully more!

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    • Now c'mon. Your telling me you have something against "community organizers"? Hmmmmm. Didn't you just elect by fraud and hoax the biggest community organizer of them all? Just how is that hope and change thing workin out for everyone?! Ooooops. Maybe that's a little sensitive these days. Oh well, gotta go and organize another community rally to talk to Senator McCaskill's robots. Look for us on Youtube. You know, all us senior citizens according to Pelosi who wear swaztikas and challenge the democratics. This country's leaders are so nuts, next thing you know they'll be asking people to spy and rat on each other and turn their names into some government database for tracking and mind control..........

    • daleandersen Aug 8, 2009 4:10 PM Flag

      Folks in the Democrat party seem to forget that immediately after President Bush was elected that you started with the attacks and protests.

      Perhaps the right took a page out of Code Pink's playbook.

      Or maybe, and more likely, the folks are really pissed over thise so called healthcare reform...

      Listen to the questions that the folks who are doing the 'screaming, bullying, public caos, civil unrest', to use your words, are asking:

      1). Have you read the bill?

      Amazing that anyone would expect someone who had a vote on a bill that was going to cause such sweeping changes to our healthcare system to actually read the bill before casting a vote. How outragious!

      2). Does the bill cover Congress and the President?

      We find out that it doesn't. If it isn't good enough for them, why should we have it forced on us?

      3). Does it raise our taxes? Who is going to pay for it?

      It is simply outragious that anyone would care about talking to their congressman about taxes. How greedy of those retired folks, who are on fixed incomes, to try to keep everyone, even those who are too lazy to work, from receiving government funded healthcare.

      4). Let's not do it quick.

      Senator Arlen Spector got shouted down because he said he wants to enact this legislation, that he hasn't read, quickly. Hell, we haven't ever had this kind of healthcare reform. So tell me why it is again that we can't take some time to debate it fully and do it right?

      I hope all of those who object get in every congressman and senator's face and tell them what they think. This is one issue that we can't simply hold our nose and let pass.

    • So for the past 50 years the democrat party has been a special interest group that screams and yells, like you are doing now?

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