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  • erod1944 Feb 2, 2010 12:40 AM Flag

    4+4+% Offer in Central California

    I found out today that RT's (Repair Techs - Jacks & drops) got a 4+4+% offer today in maintenance yards like Modesto, Merced and Sonora in California.

    There's a plan to close out the RT title via retirement/retreatment and moving some of the RT's into the MST title which in Calif are the Outside Techs maintaining Cables.

    My understanding is that the UVerse Techs would pickup the RT work not performed by remaining MST's.

    There's also a plan to close out the Frame Technician title by moving the Frame Techs into the Communication Tech Title where they would work with the electronics in the C.O.

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    • Comm Techs can work "Down 1" to Frame work, so why bring Frame up to Comm Tech pay? Plus offers and surplus in the Comm Tech world. And how soon before you see MST's become Combo Techs? Then they can go in CO's and do everything. Yes, Combo Techs. Look up those skill codes in AUTS.

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      • MST lights pretty much ARE combo techs- but there's another policy- a signed memorandum of agreement- that keeps outside craft out of the central offices. In fact, we can't even run storm cords at this point. Just to let you know- there are a lot of things this company would love to do. Most of them are short-term "good", long-term stupid, but we have so far managed to plug most of the holes our "leaders" keep poking in the dike. But that epoch is coming to an end. If I get that offer, I and a lot of other people are going to take the money and run before Texas breaks something we can't fix.

    • There's a contract agreement prohibiting that, at least in district 9. And, yeah, that's what the company wanted- maybe they'll be able to finish killing landline by enraging all remaining customers with untrained "Installation and Maintenance" techs after the next contract. U-Verse has more than they can do already. All that work is currently being done by "Maintenance Splicing Technician- Light" guys- former I+M techs trained on the very basics of cable splicing- "just enough to be dangerous", is an apt description. Most of the "Legacy MST's"- the real splicers with the real training- are busy working to undo all the damage caused by contract "splicers"- some of whom were great (retired guys earning a little extra money), some of whom sucked (former cable guys et al), and all of whom were under ridiculous productivity targets- who wrecked the outside plane "conditioning" it for the U-Verse rollout. Just an opinion- but one from somebody who actually does this job, not some beancounter working with little or no real information- who then guesses at and implements the "best" policy.

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