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  • josieinib josieinib Feb 2, 2010 9:30 PM Flag

    4+4+% Offer in Central California

    Comm Techs can work "Down 1" to Frame work, so why bring Frame up to Comm Tech pay? Plus offers and surplus in the Comm Tech world. And how soon before you see MST's become Combo Techs? Then they can go in CO's and do everything. Yes, Combo Techs. Look up those skill codes in AUTS.

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    • MST lights pretty much ARE combo techs- but there's another policy- a signed memorandum of agreement- that keeps outside craft out of the central offices. In fact, we can't even run storm cords at this point. Just to let you know- there are a lot of things this company would love to do. Most of them are short-term "good", long-term stupid, but we have so far managed to plug most of the holes our "leaders" keep poking in the dike. But that epoch is coming to an end. If I get that offer, I and a lot of other people are going to take the money and run before Texas breaks something we can't fix.

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