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  • echo2165 echo2165 Sep 17, 2010 5:58 PM Flag

    Health Care in a nutshell...

    ...“That nation, one of the marvels of the modern age, now embroiled in a battle for survival, their enemy their own government agents and agencies in ALL the administrative offices of that government: Legislative, Judiciary, and Executive.”

    So, you’re suggesting to the citizens of this great country that our entire government – all three branches – are the enemy of the people? Wow, even Joe McCarthy only initially accused 205 employees in the State Dept. of being Communists! Hey, in the alternative government that you have in mind – whatever that might be – will the citizens be allowed to accuse the government of being their enemy? Man, if the Hollywood Blacklist, rather than telling McCarthy to simply buzz off, had said what you said above, McCarthy would have had them executed. Of course he was later proven to be a paranoid, nut-ball.

    Wait…is that why you headed your post “Health Care in a nutshell?” ALL of your posts are in a nutshell.

    “(these documents are)… so understandable in words and meaning to any literate person who reads them.”

    Agreed. It’s a shame you couldn’t find such a person to do that for you.

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    • Democrat Nancy Pelosi: “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.” We still don’t know. And Democrat Alcee Hastings on Obamacare: “There are no rules, we make ‘em up as we go along.” And now the Democratic marching orders are to stop campaigning on Obamacare, and their new mantra is “we promise we will improve it.” Is this after they “magically pass” a bill no one has read? Is this after they make it up as they go along? Is this more Democratic elitists telling the simpletons that elected them that they know better? November cannot get here soon enough.

      “A Gangster Government.” Its even worse than that, they call themselves Democrats or Progressives but they are really neo-communists, the New Communists of the United States. Real Democrats like Harry Truman, Kennedy or Zell Miller believed in the country, these Obama gangsters believe in ruining it forever for an idiology, Secretary Sebelius is the perfect example of the Communist apparatchik, the cold bureaucrat that can sentence you, your parents or children to death with the turn of a regulation. What went on in the death camps of communism is alive and well, it just takes ignorance to let it flourish again.

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      • Davi remember Kathleen Sebelius is an unelected, not vetted President Obama czar who is a power hungry Communist; her statements will just reinforce the idea & energize the Tea Party to repeal ObamaCare. Americans will not put up with self-appointed tyrants. Her words will come back to haunt her. Sebelius needs to be vetted & approved by Congress given she is essentially working in a cabinet position since she has a considerable budget. Congress needs to freeze all the Obama Czars–41 thus far–& have them all vetted. The Communist czars will not stand the scrutiny & wither under the sunlight as their corruption is made plain. As a result, Sebelius will crawl back from the cesspool from whence she came.

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