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  • lostcityundead lostcityundead Sep 23, 2010 12:41 PM Flag

    How to fix unemployment !!!

    We need the Republican Party to continue their effort to shorten the work week to 28 hours!
    I am positive Obama will give bipartisan support if enough get on board.
    # 1863, Republican President Abraham Lincoln bans the unlimited workweek of slavery.

    # 1868, a Republican Congress fights depression by cutting the federal government to 48 hours/week. ....Ref: David Roediger & Philip Foner, Our Own Time (Verso: 1989), p.101.

    # 1869,1872, Republican President U.S. Grant issues an executive order banning wage cuts prorated to workhour cuts. ....Ref: Roediger & Foner, Our Own Time, p.111.

    # 1892, Republican President Benjamin Harrison spreads the 48-hour week via a federal hours law. ....Ref: Roediger & Foner, Our Own Time, p.149.

    # 1903, Republican President Teddy Roosevelt (TR) cuts the mining industry to 54 hrs/wk via arbitration. ....Ref: Roediger & Foner, Our Own Time, p.161.

    # 1907, TR cuts the railroad industry to 96 hours/week.

    # 1908, TR enforces federal 48-hour week.

    # 1908-12. Republican President Howard Taft suggests workers get two months a year off "to recharge." ...Ref: Cindy Aron, Working At Play, p. 195, via Joe Robinson, Work to Live, via Dan Aronson.

    # 1912, Republican President Howard Taft strengthens the 48-hr week.

    # 1912, TR advocates (in his Progressive Party platform) 40-hr week for women, children and continuous-production industries such as steel. ....Ref: Roediger & Foner, Our Own Time, p.179.

    # 1922, Republican President Warren Harding cuts the last holdout-industry with the 84-hour workweek, big steel, to 48 via his Republican Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover. ....Ref: Ray Wilbur & Arthur Hyde, The Hoover Policies (Scribner's: 1937) pp.126 ff.

    # Feb. 1931, Republican-dominated Congress passes 44-hour workweek for postal employees. ....Ref: Benjamin Hunnicutt, Work Without End, p.149.

    # 1932, Hoover avoids mass layoffs by cutting the federal government from 44 to a 40-hour week and, calling shorter hours the fastest and most efficient way to create jobs.

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    • Best way to fix unemployment is for everyone to have the same work schedule as the Teacher Union. We would have full employment.

    • What I meant is that since everyone is required to have health insurance under the new law, it seems logical that the hospitals will have reason to expect all patients coming into the ER to have health insurance. That means that they will ask the patient for his or her health insurance. At that point whether the person is a legal citizen or an illegal immigrant, won't they be required to report it to the government if the person does not have health insurance?

    • Oh, now you want the hospitals to check for citizenship? Isn't that racial profiling? Isn't the Federal government suing AZ to stop the POLICE from asking the same questions?

      The hospitals can't check for insurance, that is why they are hiring several thousand new IRS staff to check everyone out. If the hospitals do this, then we don't need the additional IRS agents do we? Ya gotta pick one. It is or isn’t racial profiling, it is or isn’t the job of the IRS. Are we confused or is the government?

      Besides, you can get all the documentation you need on a street corner in Dallas for $150. Yeah, it's illegal but after all they are just trying to help jump start the economy...Obama and his criminals in Congress haven't been able to.

    • No Easy! Look at the whole picture. Arizona tried that and the Feds are moving in to prevent it. Not going to happen in this current environment. You have more rights as a law breaker in our country than as a law-abiding citizen.

      Your comment is logical, but the Federal government at the direction of the President is forcing local practioners and law agencies not to enforce Federal Laws, and is denying the Federal Agencies the appropriate oversite and/or enforcement.

      It is one of the those, we don't have to address that issue as we have a law arguments by the President. Who then refuses to implement or support the laws of the land.

    • they wont care as long as everybody in that loop gets their money and there ill stis money to give away

    • So the choice is clear then.

      If you want other people that are out of work to work you give them your jobs by working less hours and accepting maybe a day's less pay to do it.

      Sounds good to me!

      Either you provide the welfare for the unemployed and they sit give up a day's work and the pay that goes with it so the unemployed have a job and now they are working not getting handouts.

      However are YOU any better off now?

      How many more illegal immigrants would we have to bring into the country so that we would only have to work three days a week? That would be nice.

      Seriously, we've been striving all through the industrial revolution for higher productivity and more efficiency and haven't we arrived!

      There's no reason to work 40 hours a week to earn a living. The new standard should be 10 or 20 hours a week after all the efficiencies that we've gained over the last 100 years. Right now the corporate CEO's and social elites are hoarding that money for themselves while we get very little chump change.

    • more welfare, more civil servants, more politicians

      • 1 Reply to lostravoli
      • "...more welfare, more civil servants, more politicians..."

        HEY! BINGO! That's a plan! That's Utopia!!!

        Get a freeloader's job at taxpayer's expense, supplement it with welfare and, vote for the politicians that feed you! Hmmmm...Only problem is...the future looks bleak for the kids... they'll be wearing towels around their heads...and washing their feet at the airports...
        However, there are advantages... if you're tired of your wife - you make her wear the Berkha ( spelling )

    • The dark side to increased productivity is decreased employment. Less workers needed to sustain an economy. It's not right to work 5 days but get paid for 4, loosing a days pay to taxes. Much going to subsidise the non-workers. It's time we ALL go to a 4 daywork week, putting the non-workes to work. The reduced taxes will make up for the lost days income.

      • 1 Reply to heavypbx
      • WRT: "...It's not right to work 5 days but get paid for 4, loosing a days pay to taxes. Much going to subsidise the non-workers..."

        Oh here we go again with the non-workers are taking all the handouts.

        Hey, are you sure where much of that money is going - what about the trillion dollar investment banker bailouts - what about the million dollar bailouts of the auto sector, the airline sector.

        What about the taxpayers paying for that, paying to keep million dollar CEO's in the green.

        How about the taxpayers money going to fund Cash for Clunkers to enable the automakers to inflate their prices.

        How about the first time home buyer rebates inflating the home prices.

        How about the taxpayer money going toward energy star appliance rebates to inflate the price of appliances.

        ALL these programs benefit working people, the well off that can afford those things more than they do the "non workers" and it's government cheese, welfare, a handout whatever you want to stereotype it as.

        I don't see people that hold a job turning these rebate handouts down. Taking them increases the taxes to pay for them.

        The old myth that well these corporations are creating jobs or we're saving jobs is b.s. like more tax breaks for the wealthy is b.s.

        That stuff is 20th century industrial revolution krap that does not apply today.

        You give a corporation and extra buck and it's going to China or Asia to create things. That money is not going to trickle down here. Today it's all about off-shoring and out-sourcing.

        I'll tell you what. If you don't like seeing the 15 million people unemployed, the 41.3 million on food stamps, the 61 million people in the USA on government subsidiaries and 50% of the country not making it without government help. Then stop investing in the corporate America that is delivering it to you. That's all.

    • Get rid of Barrack Hussein Obama, and his 40 million illegal aliens who are taking all our Black folks' jobs.

    • Good idea!
      I think just a 32 hour work week would get us to full employment.
      Productivity sky rocketed on the back of labor and with a 32 hour work week workers would at least get to enjoy a little of the reward.

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