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  • investor952 investor952 Sep 25, 2010 6:14 PM Flag

    is it worth my time applying to AT&T for a job?


    I worked for them for over 20 yrs in the past. I left about 12 years ago when they switched to a cash balance pension. I am now in my late 50s. I have 2 engineering degrees and an mba (20-30 yrs ago). Do they hire people over 50? Or do they still force them out?

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    • If you speak Spanish, I would definitely say your chances are fair. The main thing I hear today, is to be critical of the Union during your interview. Because you are older, also emphasize your perfect attendance at your last job. The telco(s) have millions of employees out in the winter on FMLA claims. I know this is hard to believe, but I had a top Union official told me that in some work centers near DC, 85% of the women had open FMLA cases. Good Luck, Keep Healthy on your new job.

    • I am over 50, a retired ATT 2nd level, and I applied for a position I was in for the last 7 years of my career and they "politely" told me i didn't meet the minimum requirements. ATT will not higher an older person. You will never prove in a court of law, but in management, they want younger, inexperienced people they can pay an extremely lower wage, work them 12 hours a day on a cheap salary, and hope they will quit before they get to retirement age. Seriously. ATT is no longer a service oriented company. They have no care for customers or employees. Once Ed left the company to his son-in-law, the company started spiraling to the bottom. Randall got his position only because of family, not because he can run a business. And he could care less about someone like you or me.

    • This is exactly where I would seek advice - I wouldn't bank on any company hiring you if you are over 50 - I still think you are smokin some funny stuff??

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      • sflens412 Dec 21, 2010 1:27 PM Flag

        I'm an OSP Engineer and I don't think AT&T is hiring at all except in the wireless side. That is probably where I will end up one day. I already do quite a few fiber jobs for wireless. There is also a new program for "DATS", or something like that, where we are placing antenna's on poles approx every 800' apart for a neighborhood "WiFI' system.

        But you may need to go through contract companys to really get any work it seems. I'm sure in about 5 years I will be forced to get the pension and be a contractor also. This way they only have to pay about $25 per hour with no benifits. Your degrees may not help either. I don't have a degree but got where I am since I'm an ex tech. It seems the techs like engineers like me since I did work in the field and the college educated seems to think they know everthing and submit jobs that are hard to read, and they like to short them on hours to actually get the job done.

        But good luck. But I would think the only place you may have a chance is in the wireless side of engineering or contracting.

    • Definitely down play any involvement with the Union (either in management, or craft) I know of someone who left one telco, and recently got hired on at AT&T in Florida. He had less than 15 yrs at his old job, and was in his 30(s). He was a boozer, user, but cleaned up good. Good Luck.

    • They'd probably offer you a Premise Tech position and give the Engineering or 1rst Level Management job to a kid who was assistant manger at the local Pizza Hut. They did when I used to work for this train wreck. That Pizza Hut worker is now a 2nd line. It's not what ya know, but who ya know and whose butt you kiss. He who had/has good knee pads advances in AT&T.

    • Retire now and live off your investments.

    • if you can get a union job and sit around and get paid --why not?

    • "I have 2 engineering degrees and an mba (20-30 yrs ago)."


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      • you are not very smart to quit a monopoly with decent wages investable pension and benefits.

        what wrong with a CASH pension?

        Last time I looked cash was still marketable and investable in anything.

        You are not very smart with with two engineering degrees and an MBA.

        Perhaps you are overeducated, don't listen or play well with others cause you so darn smart.

        You should own your own business or get a large paper route or lawn service business.

        I am going to pray for your success maturity and wellness.

    • ...... can you pass the clerks test again.

    • All major companies are eliminating those over 50, even younger guys who are higher paid are being shown the door. That is why earnings are going up in a crappy economy. The companies and this country will pay dearly for the ignorance going on.

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