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  • cencoastsurfer cencoastsurfer Dec 28, 2010 10:30 AM Flag

    9 days to fix a simple pots line in California

    Thanks, I have worked on PUC complaints before, and yes they were valid. SLA' are SLA's. They live north of Grass Valley. The cell coverage stops just outside of Grass Valley on Hwy 49. They live on the highway, but the trouble was in the f-2. Easy to find. Front pole lead, feeds out of a DPG.

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    • Cencoaster, you sound like the kind of employee that at&t should appreciate while goofy is one that should be placed on a pip!

      People like you make a big difference in the enterprise! I am very familar with Grass Valley, Ca and am not surprised that there are dead zones. They are here in New Jersey also. I currently have VZ Cell service and lately the dead zones are declining.

      Grass Valley is not the boonies some may think it is. While services are not close there are many private communities where retired Pac Bell employees have a second home or have retired to live. I know several who reside there. Unfortunately, in many firms, there are goofies who fail to understand why someone keeps a pots line and that customers perception of the provider and the comfort it affords them. Think "I've fallen and I can't get up" and all too familiar issue with the elderly who then rely on communications to advise emergency personnel of their need for assitance - possibly a life or death situation. All delayed because some lazy .... like goofy cleared the ticket!

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