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  • cavuto_jr cavuto_jr Mar 14, 2011 7:25 PM Flag

    SUPPORT WALKER...Someone needs to make a stand..

    If there is any cosmic justice, you will spontaneously combust for using the words conservative, principled and Charles Johnson in the same sentence.
    On the matter of ending collective bargaining, collective extortion would be a more appropriate description. Government/public sector unions are a racket and arguably a criminal enterprise. Taxpayers – Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal – collectively pay the salaries of government workers. Part of those salaries are then siphoned off – by government – as dues to the unions. The unions then take those dues and use them to buy Democrat politicians to give them anything they want – generating more salaries and dues. It’s the perfect racket – a self licking ice cream cone…an endless supply of money supplied largely by your opponents, against their will and without their say. And on the rare occasion they do express their say – as in the November elections – those same Democrat politicians can just refuse to play the game anymore and leave the state. Pretty brilliant strategy if you care nothing for rules or civil governance. Government unions need to be taken down with a wrecking ball.

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