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  • cavuto_jr cavuto_jr Mar 22, 2011 12:45 PM Flag

    Our UN-President...

    There is no answer to the Libya situation, because America no longer asks the right questions.

    We don’t fight enemies, we “prosecute” them. We therefore don’t fight wars, we “prosecute” them. And, then we drop the charges.

    We won’t call anyone an enemy in this land of ours, unless it is a leftist talking about non-leftists to potential “victim voters”. Since we are being ruled by radical leftists, you get a mash-up of moral hypocrisy, raging confusion, and pregnant pauses of complete inaction followed by unintelligible fits and starts of “programs by committee”.

    This is the UN-President. Filling the UN-Presidency.

    As long as the “world” was willing to stand in front of us, so we could hide behind her hoop skirt, we will take “action”. (“action” consisting of a dozen modifiers, hedge bets, qualifying statements, disclaimers and lawyered up language attempting to limit blame for taking it in the first place)

    We have no business leading the world with the construct of this administration. Hell, they don’t even like us and actually prefer virtually everyone that hates us. We are ruled with abject disdain. I wouldn’t send one young man or woman into harm’s way…if they were lead by people who couldn’t care less about the military and is more interested in the welfare of the nominal targets.

    Get out of Iraq, get our of Afghanistan, get out of Libya. Not because the missions aren’t necessary, not because the world does not need a strong leader to help keep this planet safe…but because we have shrunken from our ability to play that role. Frankly, we are currently UN-worthy…because we are ruled by the Incredible Shrinking President. And, frankly, this administration sucks at virtually everything they touch.

    I wouldn’t want them in control of the fate of the world at the moment. Or…ever.

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    • If you are not white you are not allowed to conceptualize.

    • "It won't create any jobs in the US. That is simply a political lie."

      Are you talking about Boehner's anti-abortion bills again?

    • No, the poloitical BS is about the jobs this action is going to create. Bullhockey. It won't create any jobs in the US. That is simply a political lie.

    • Somebody please tell me who can conceptualize . . . .

    • They don't allow us to invade Tripoli now, but the opportunity was/is there to protect and support a broad-based uprising. Some interpretations have Bush I helping Hussein crush the rebellion in '91.

      And I don't support "Bush's actions in the gulf wars" if you mean both Bushes and both Gulf Wars. Bush I did decent work in '91. Bush II fell far, far from the tree.

    • Since you support the Bush's actions in the gulf wars surely you are aware of the rules the coallition forces were under during Gulf 1 that would not allow the US to invade Bagdad.

    • Yeah right! did you make these same comments the 8 years he was president or just now that the moron you support as president is failing miserably and you can't handle the truth?

    • No. If you don't understand timing, you probably shouldn't do your own investing either. Like most things, it's not what you do that is important, it is when you do it.

      You can buy T, you can short T, you can sell T, you can hold T. All may be good decisions, depending on WHEN you do it.

      In 1991, we had a good opportunity to overthrow Hussein: an army on the ground, an uprising in progress, a moral justification, and an international force full of Arabs to help us do it all. In 2003, not so much.

    • Hey all,

      I quite frankly think whoever was going to be president was going to endure the wrath of the propaganda generating conglomerate media machine. Misinformed, misguided and down right mean. When is America going to wake up and think for themselves. How much longer are we as a people going to continue to digest the very sssss they are shoveling down our gullet. This is the ultimate smoke and mirror show and a majority of us have all purchased a front row seat of "can I see that again, I didn't quite get that" we're not supposed to. We now live in a country that seems to be unraveling faster than we can sew. Unless we're prepared to work together as a united front ( Like our own country's name suggests) THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. We Have become the UN-UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!! There is to much noise. We need to turn down the volume and just listen a little more to gain a better perspective on what we want and where we're going. I LOVE This COUNTRY and would appreciate both the liberals, conservatives, and the so called TEA Party to do something more constructive instead of promoting the continued unwinding of our country's fabric. WE ARE THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA and don't you folks forget that. WAKE UP!!!! This country is no longer WINNING!!!

    • I love the quality of debate here. One guy criticizes me for not agreeing enough with real liberals. The next uses this as evidence that I'm a liberal poster child.

      Actual policy issues? Nope. Just whether or not I'm too liberal or not liberal enough. And they can't even make any sense trying to decide on that.

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