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  • ssdependent ssdependent Mar 22, 2011 4:44 PM Flag

    Our UN-President...

    Let's ask a hypothetic question here. The Tea Party or some other political group decides they don't like the actions of the President of the US. They protest in the streets and the local cops and possibly even the NG are called out to keep the peace.

    Now, Russia and China determine that the people are unhappy with their leaders and are in revolt and they should be helped to replace their leadership, so they insist on a no-fly-zone, a free protest zone or whatever and bomb out NG so they can't stop the protests.

    How well would you think that would fly in the UN? With the American people, etc.

    What we are doing is wrong. What we did in Iraq was wrong. What we started to do in Afghanistan was right, what we are doing now is wrong.

    If we are going to find Al Qaeda and kill them, do so. If we are going to fight Afghan’s and Paki’s we are wrong. If we are going to ‘nation build’ we are wrong.

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    • This scenario won't work because we are not currently producing oil, thanks to Obama. George Soros & Obama are making tons of money backing oil drilling in Brazil, and other South American countries, with American taxpayer's money. The French took the lead cause that's their main source of oil in North Africa. Europeans knew that Obama could care less if oil goes through the roof. Besides, by the time Barry quit dithering, the cleansing would have been history. You can't vote present (like you did in the Illinois Senate), when 100 of thousands are being exterminated. How did Barry win that Nobel Peace Prize anyway? Was the fix in?

    • A. These are not protests. This is an open revolt and a civil war. The UN has voted to intervene in this civil war, albeit on humanitarian grounds.

      B. If the tea party were in open revolt, it would be attempting to overthrow a democratically elected government--not a lifelong dictator planning a succession by his son.

      C. The tea party is an extreme minority without any broad support. In Libya, the revolt has broad support and has included large scale defections from the military and government (i.e. the mainstream).

      That's just off the top of my head. Be wary of simplistic hypotheticals. They tend to confuse rather than illustrate.

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