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  • cavuto_jr cavuto_jr May 9, 2011 7:11 AM Flag

    Give "The One" some credit...

    Barry's only real accomplishment is Bin Laden’s death using President George W. Bush’s policies he scorned relentlessly in 2008; therefore, the lapdog MSM will try to puff up their hapless, leaderless, egotistical narcissistic man-child into something he’s not: a confident leader.

    Already the backfire has begun as Barry tried to heap the rewards into some kind of political momentum, but he was reduced to laying a wreath yesterday instead, as planned, to give a narcissistic speech aggrandizing himself into the firmament.

    We still have high unemployment, job stagnation, inflation across the board, & Barry is still weak on foreign policy as well as domestic policy. Bin Laden’s death vindicates President George W. Bush–not "The One".

    Once the hpye dies down, Barry’s dead cat bounce of a bump will return to normal as his polls continue to drop since he is campaigning on his Communist green energy crap & Amnesty 2.0. These not winning issues given the current environment. Barry is vulnerable because he has made America’s situation worse. The debt will become a campaign issue into 2012 & Barry cannot run as some kind cost cutting hawk in the context of LeninCare & Porkulus.

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    • >>>you’re a weak, whimpering liberal

      Because tough guys blow up schools? Man, that list of Republican criteria is sure getting narrower.

    • >>>People like you are why wars are not complete.

      I don't think you read my posts. I am the one advocating that we finish the job there, in the way that is necessary to finish the job. I am not quite certain what anyone else is advocating, accept for Pins, who thinks we should leave and commence the bombing.

      Seriously, what are you and Dale so upset about? Do you want Obama to send more troops to Iraq? Reduce their number more quickly? Use a different word when describing the drawdown? What?

    • If you want to fight, you fight our soldiers and we fight yours, even if you can't afford uniforms for them. You don't attack civilians and civilian gathering places and we won't either.

      You don't blow or burn down up schools, hospitals and churches and we won't either.

      Pretty simple actually. You do it to us; we are going to do it back to you with more power, bad intent and damage than can imagine. You don't want us to attack your small villages and working people then don't attack ours.

      You don't teach your school children and church attendees to hate us simply because we are different and we won't either. Mostly we don't anyway, but they sure do.

      “I don't think you're one to be convinced of anything moral or rational.”

      I don’t need your approval and I don’t respect your judgment so your opinion of me matters little. I for one think you’re a weak, whimpering liberal who with your philosophy and politics will lead this country to its ruination.

      Like I said, pretty simple.

    • I wonder what rules you think they should play by? And do they involve something like not bombing schools, hospitals and shopping?

      I don't think you're one to be convinced of anything moral or rational. It is good just to expose what you are. A person who supports the grossest of violent acts against innocent people with little cause and no reason to think it will achieve anything.

    • And what would you son know, he more than likely fell into the don't ask don't tell area. You democratic freaks just can't get over Bush can you. For your information, Obrainless isn't fit to shine GWB's boots

    • Ping,
      While I may agree with many of your thoughts, this is a T MB, not a political MB, and in my opinion you post far too many political messages. My family survived 9/11, but are now more anxious about retaliation. My older brother was a severely injured Medic in Viet Nam, survived and died an early death likely from Agent Orange exposure when he served there. There are clearly no easy answers, but I continue to trust President Obama. So now, I've been political too on this MB., but respectfully suggest all keep
      politics for another forum.

    • Just as I thought more spin from the Spinner. One of these days you will need to give homage to those who you constantly criticize - former President Bush as an example. After all, All of Obama's policies are continuations of Bush policies. You remember those policies that were condemned by candidate Obama, and the promises candidate Obama made.

      All of a sudden those Bush policies are good that those promises just don't seem workable.

      please thank former President Bush.

      Obama made the right decision regarding Osama and he deserves much credit for that. Like all his other decisions, he doesn't seem to understand it, nor know how to explain it "truthfully". Like you, he attempts to politize the action, and by spinning, he constantly looks the fool. Seems to be standard operating procedure for Obama supporters. After all, you can't fix stupid!

      keep spinning. One question. Do you believe the spam you produce, or like the rest of us have a good belly laugh after reading a Ricky Spin?

    • Nice try for the spin again. You are something. It is good that you did not attempt to serve this great country. But, then again you might be good at point for a couple of hours.

      People like you are why wars are not completed, you don't have the backbone or courage to complete the task.

      As a Marine, I respect the work of our men and women in the Army. They are as engaged as Marines in their commitment to win. Do not demean their servie and sacrifices in what you call non-combat. When others are trying on a daily basis to kill you, I would call that combat. 47,000 troops is a significant number. If you don't think that is significant enough, I suggest you pay your respects to the Vietnam wall in DC.

      I personally thank each and every man and women serving our country in the Iraqi war-zone! If you close your eyes in a crowd, you probably believe that no one can see you.

    • I don't care if they collectively surrender, just quit attacking or government installations, people and civilians.

      It is insanity to keep doing the same things and expecting different results. When things don't work, you change them. Wasn't that the mantra of the Obama campaign No more status quo, no more business as usual in Washington. No more wars. Yes we can? Do he didn't.

      It ain't workin'. It is time for a change in tactics. He won't though, it might take him even further down in the polls.

    • Well, we did bomb Hanoi, but that's beside the point.

      We bombed the power plants, not the city. We stay away from schools, hospitals, shopping, etc. Basically once you moved everyone away from the power plants, they were pretty safe.

      Where do you plan to bomb?

      I don't plan to bomb; that is supposed to be the government’s job. You bomb where the terrorists are coming from, living and training or the source of their support. You bomb until it gets painful and they quit attacking us and quit training to attack us.

      In this war, you have extremist elements of multiple societies organized into transnational, lateral networks that engage in asymmetrical battles largely against civilians to influence policy.

      And they seem pretty successful at it, we aren't. When they play by rules we play by the same rules. If they want to change the rules, we can talk. Right now they want to play without rules. So be it. Just don't cry foul when they rules don't suit you.

      Don't look now Bubba, but it ain't working.

      No it is not working. Iraq is still a cess pool, they just have what they call a government to further the corruption. They still kill each other for stupid reasons and we try to stop them from doing so. Back off and let them have at it. Leave and let them fight each other like they have been for thousands of years. They don't want to be like us. It is even less successful in Afghanistan. Pakistan is using us and laughing at us behind our backs and we do nothing but give them more money.

      This is your idea of a good plan? Funny, Obama was against all of it until he became President. No more wars, no more Gitmo, no more surges, etc., etc. Yes we can! No he didn’t!

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