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  • wright.tom64 wright.tom64 Jul 29, 2011 7:34 AM Flag

    Red States creating 90%++ of new jobs, wonder why...

    Be very wary of making those kinds of correlations. Many of the states you mentioned are drowning in oil and natural gas revenues and that geology is not political in nature. Also, there are recall elections scheduled for Wisconsin and the new Ohio governor is about as popular as a skunk at a dinner party. Further, Tea Party activists like Bachmann are making themselves look very stubborn and foolish during this debt ceiling argument. So, 2012 will tell a lot but don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

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    • they are just doing what their constituents voted them in to do...cut spending and no new taxes.

      As to poorly performing states, the booby prize goes to Connecticut, which after eking out small early gains has lost 9,000 seasonally adjusted jobs in the past two months. Only a fool would believe that this result has nothing to do with Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy’s poor public policy choices since he took office this year.

      And your point is that the fact that every single one of the 10 of the best states for jobs are red or “newly red” is pure coincidence? Do you happen to play poker? Can we arrange a high-stakes game? Please?

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