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  • zam166 zam166 Dec 12, 2011 3:07 PM Flag

    Republicans take house and senate in 2012 = ATT and T-Mobile deal

    Republicans dont create JOBS . . . only Consumer Spending HISTORICALLY.

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    • Unfortunately, we get the leadership we deserve. Reading some of these posts confirms the collective intelligence of voters, has moved down. We get the same old political rhetoric, about nothing in particular. But rhetoric that will insight passions about marginal disagreements. Then all the while both parties proceed to pick the citizens pockets while telling them how much they care for regular americans. Pure BS!! They care about power! Our political leaders have systematically sold the american worker down the river and been paid handsomely for doing so. Corruption, party politics is thy name!!

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      • Yep, all we hear is what they say they're going to do. They never explain how, they don't set up metrics to be measured by, they don't budget and when they do they ignore the budgets.

        You can never know truly what a candidate plans are until it’s too late. Look at the guy running the show now. He certainly didn't share most of his plans before hand, just the usual political rhetoric.

        And, to your point, most voters haven't figured it out yet.

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