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  • echo2165 echo2165 Mar 2, 2012 8:15 AM Flag

    Limbaugh overboard...


    ...and no one to throw the life ring buoy.

    Whether or not Rush Limbaugh’s reviling tirade on Wednesday was bad enough to cost him his job, is not my call. (I, however, have no clue how he’s even on the radio to begin with – another former loser with no credentials turned into an Icon for Idiots, like Beck/Palin. They say he has a following of 20 million – are there 20 million idiots in this country? That would not surprise me in the slightest, although if they weren’t idiots previously, they are if they continue to support him after yesterday.)

    I know Don Imus paid a severe price for less demeaning rhetoric. What it will cost, however, is an overwhelming loss of support from women, particularly if he isn’t censured by the Republican Party, for whom he acts as a national spokesman. And some 20 million voters are single women –an equal number to cancel out his following - that alone could decide the forthcoming election.

    Regardless, it is absolutely mind-boggling what is happening. At the same time the hideous Blunt Amendment, (Blunt Amendment??? What is HE smokin’ ?) an attack on women’s rights disguised as a “freedom of religion” issue, is defeated in the Senate, this clown comes on an reinforces the GOP’s image of nothing more than a bunch of cigar-smoking, good old boy, chauvinistic Neanderthals from times long gone. I know that is not true, but that is precisely the image he projects with his repetitive vituperation of women, minorities and political opponents. And if the Blunt Amendment was supposedly intended to provide moral choice for businesses to avoid basic labor law and employee rights, where is that moral outrage over this?

    If the figure that 99% of women have, indeed, used birth control is correct, and assuming that perhaps every last one of them (except, perhaps, the several Republican female Senators who voted for Blunt) do not appreciate being called sluts and prostitutes, Limbaugh in one fell swoop has created another 1% class distinction abhorrent to all women and most voters.

    As though that all wasn’t bad enough, Limbaugh yesterday redoubled the damage with his sordid, voyeuristic comments of “we want to see the tapes.” How on earth does someone like this carry the torch for any political party, and what kind of members of that party would continue following someone this foolish who alienates nearly everyone?

    Then again, he’s been married 4 times. Perhaps he should ask some of them, as should most Republicans, what their feelings are on this issue. And, a warning; perhaps when discussing it with your mate, referring to her as “the wife” will probably not go over real well, and will only succeed in reinforcing this image. America, unlike the many countries we are currently engaged against, is not a fundamentalist religious based haven for male-dominated gender genocide. And the women will speak up – both today and at the polls. So, too, should all decent folks. Enough is enough.

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    • So I suggest if you want cheap birth control, try putting an aspirin tablet between your knees!

    • "The cost of providing these drugs free, or even at a reduced rate falls on the insurance companies and they simply pass any increased costs on to other clients. So why should they suffer any increased rates because of these people that want an easy way to support their life style choices?

      For the same reason they provide medications to control cholesterol, BP, and so forth when people make the choice to not control their diet or exercise. It's called group health insurance. The also pay for the head injuries caused by people who drink and drive, the emphysema and lung cancer caused by people who choose to smoke. The cost of Birth Control is far less than the money spent on these things. Women who choose to have sex (married and unmarried) and use birth control help to pay for all of these things just like you and I.

      Whether we like the precipitating behavior or not, it's a health care need that should be addressed.

    • There ya go lkg! Get some.

      Take it to the convention. Be as Republican as you can be!

    • Unlike Lipitor a condom is not medicataion? Ms Fluke is extremely sexualy active to require $3000 worth of condoms. Condoms are available free at many county health departments paid for by tax payers. Ms. Fluke does not have insurance she simply wants everyone else to pay for her education and the added expense for her to whore around. Birth control is not medication vital to a persons well being it should not be paid for by insurance.

    • Wow, contraception is really hard and expensive.

      She said a woman told her she and her husband had to stop using contraception because it was just too expensive...more expensive than raising a kid?

      Watch this.

    • >>>a choice medication

      So is fertility treatment for those seeking children. So are ED drugs. So are many of the sports medicine treatments. So what?

      >>>The cost of providing these drugs free, or even at a reduced rate falls on the insurance companies.

      They are not provided "free". They are provided in exchange for premiums paid by the insuree and the employer. You need to get that word out of your lexicon for this matter. Too many of you think your health care is "free" simply because you don't pay the bill directly. But it is not free.

      You can bet that a young, healthy woman like Ms. Fluke is paying in far, far more than she takes out. The $3,000 figure she referenced is the price given to uninsured people in the private market. Insurance companies negotiate much lower prices. For insurance companies, the annual cost is in the hundreds. Insurance companies are very willing to provide this coverage to attract young, healthy paying customers like Ms. Fluke and to prevent expensive unwanted pregnancies.

      >>>Are there really no more important issues on which Nancy and Barack can focus?

      I think they're done with it. Its you guys that are going all nutty. Although that's hardly a change from normal.

    • >>>If she wants this additional $3,000 coverage for birth control, they shouldn't they increase her premiums $3,000 to pay for it, not mine?

      No. Just like if you need a Lipitor prescription or blood pressure medicine your premiums do not go up by the cost of the drug. That is what insurance does--it spreads cost and risk among all premium payers.

      You should understand that the marketplace generally does not offer group health insurance without this coverage. Insurers find it more profitable to provide it than to not provide it. Birth control coverage is considered a cost-saving mechanism. It is only available because some religious institutions deny it to their employees that it is available at all. And they may have to pay a higher premium because of it, to cover the unwanted pregnancies.

    • I absolutely love Rush Limbaugh. He's intelligent, funny, and has over 30 million listeners. His call on Miss Fluck is spot on. She put herself before Congress to complain that her birth control had costs her over $3000 and the government should pay for it. She was supporting Obama's healthcare bill and the part where the Catholic church had to pay for it, the big diversionary tactic of the day to evade his horrible deficit problem. Miss Fluck put herself in a political, public position and Rush's comment got the attention it deserved. He'll survive this and go on just like he's always done. Many had tried to put his voice of reason out of business, all have failed and Miss Fluck will fail also. In fact, she seems to be having a ball on the View and elsewhere. It could be noted, she is lesbian and does not use birth control at all and is a total "advocate" for Obama. He called her up to thank her. I also might add that Ed Schultz, left wing, called Laura Ingraham a slut (right wing) on his radio program and he's still in business and no where as popular as Rush. It's all just politics, there's no virtue involved.

    • Ladies please do not send anymore items of clothing to a certain fox talk show host. thank you.( would like to have video of two whales mating)

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