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  • robfisk robfisk Mar 6, 2012 9:06 PM Flag

    President Says he's worried about Gas Prices

    But, as Paul Harvey used to say. Stay tuned for the rest of the story. Barrack said, he's concerned on the toll it might have on his re-election. He expressed no concern, as to what his messed up energy policies are having on the people's pocketbook. Let's take away Mouchelle's, and Barrack's government gas cards in November.

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    • >>>Like the story on the case in FLA put out by NBC was so, so fair and balanced

      LOL! Got any tread left on that incident still? It just happened yesterday. You might want to save it awhile. . .

    • Did good old Howard say it or scream it?

    • If I quit voting for people that lie to me, I will have to quit voting!

      Like the story on the case in FLA put out by NBC was so, so fair and balanced! They all sometimes get it right and sometimes get it wrong. I have no issues with 'mistakes'; I do however have a problem with manipulated truths claimed as fact.

      I actually listen to NBC more often than Fox, but I do try to listen to both and others to find out as much as I can on any issue. I read Time, the NY Times on-line, and both local newspapers. I do spend some time watching C-Span until I reach the point I want to throw something at the TV then I turn it off.

      But if I want a true picture of liberal garbage, I just come there and read your posts.

    • >>>I think being honest is the first responsibility of any elected official but few of them share that feeling.

      Then quit voting for people who lie to you. And for chrissakes, if you value honesty quit watching Fox News.

    • And which intelligent people in Congress are lying when they miss their projections on nearly every defense expenditure, the expenditure of the Department of Education or Homeland Security, etc.

      Why don't they think we will understand that a $2B planned expenditure or savings won't really occur?

      Sorry but I find few elected officials that truly reflect what I think government should be doing. I think being honest is the first responsibility of any elected official but few of them share that feeling.

      You're the one being duped by taking all that the government tells you at face value. Did you do the same when the conservatives were in charge or just when your liberal buddies have the con? Be honest now, don't act like a politician.

      Honesty and accountability are two prime missing ingredients in our government. Just because the statistics come from a government entity that has been around a long time makes it accurate and honest? Truly you don’t believe that?

    • Some conservatives should buy one, and give it to him after November. A going away present, of sorts.

    • ricky18201 Apr 1, 2012 6:04 PM Flag

      I hope he buys a Volt in January!

    • $5 per gallon here in Baltimore. No end in site. Now Barry is seriously talking about ending oil subsides. I wonder if he'll also end the ones he is giving the Brazilians? Even Howard Dean, says Obama will take a hit on gas in November. I say lets have complete regime change. Vote out all dems in November. Let's take away Barrack, & Mouchelle's government gas cards once and for all. Let him buy that Chevy Volt he wants to get when he leaves office.

    • Today, I actually saw Barry doing a news conference in front of some gas pumps? Really absurd, if Saturday Night Live was an equal opportunity comedy show, they'd have to a skit about this. In New Jersey, it's illegal for a motorist to pump their own gas. Can you see a guy pulling up behind Barrack, saying fill it up, regular please. Barry saying do you know who I am. The customer saying yes, you look alot like the guy causing me go broke, (Barry Hussein Obama), just trying to afford enough gas to get to work.

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      • Using the New York Times as a reference? What's next? Quoting Mien Kamph or the Communist Manifesto?

        And, such deep research done by the author. (Gas prices are higher in heavy Democrat states. Gas prices are lower in heavy Republican states.) Yeah, and the biggest reason is how much the Democrats TAX the crap out of gas, and everything else!

        Another four years of Obama and we'll all be paying over $5.00 per gallon!

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