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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Mar 22, 2012 12:00 PM Flag

    President Says he's worried about Gas Prices

    >>>>Yeah I'm using the New York Times as a reference.

    I'm using it as a birdcage liner

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    • One Aunt of mine, loved to receive telemarketing calls from the very liberal, Baltimore Sunpapers. They'd ask, are you currently having the paper delivered to you door? No. Then, they say, we can deliver 7 days a week, for less than you'd pay for Sunday alone. She was always very polite, say no thanks. But, never hang up. Then, she would lay in waiting, for the third scripted question. May, we ask why? Then, she'd say, I don't go fishing much anymore. Most young telemarketers, would get confused. Some, just hang up. Some thought, she was just trying to share her concerns of limited mobility, missing out on things she use to enjoy. The young women, mostly, would then allow her to deliver her favorite punch line. What's getting home delivery of the Sun, have to do with fishing? Honey, that's the only thing that paper you are selling is good for.

    • nikao2 Mar 22, 2012 12:13 PM Flag

      Ironic that the now 2nd worst president ever Jimmah Cah-tah created the DOE and our energy situation is worse then before and now the new Jimah-cah-tah continues the legacy via 'paint ur roof white PhD Chu" ya...what a genius, smartest man evah... and remembah he's half-n-half and not even native amreican born to be called afikan-'merican so keep ur stories staight....!

    • Recycling. Very nice.

      I poke holes in newspaper with a pitchfork and use it under mulch. It's very effective and you don't get stuck with all that torn up plastic in your mulch beds.

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