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  • lkglhklkh lkglhklkh Mar 12, 2012 11:50 AM Flag

    BO war on women

    >>>This comment pretty much shows the bankruptcy of Republican rhetoric. They want the government out of the doctor-patient relationship--unless it means enforcing social mandates on women.

    What is happening in Texas is just the oppoisite. BO is mandating the money be spent on abortions. Texas wants the money to be used for actual medical care for women who can't afford it not for the murder of unborn children and free birth control. BO has decided end funding for low income women who cannot afford actual medical care. Rick Perry has vowed to find the money to assist low income women because BO would rather see them suffer and perhaps die if he does not get his way. BO wants to kill unborn children and since Texas said no BO now wants to kill women instead.

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    • >>>BO is mandating the money be spent on abortions.

      No. Federal money cannot be spent on abortions. Planned parenthood spends very little on providing abortions and what they do is walled off from their other services. Planned parenthood spends much, much more money preventing unwanted pregnancy and helping pregnant women who do not get abortions.

      >>>Texas wants the money to be used for actual medical care

      Women's health, including sexual health, is medical care. Perry wants to force women to use doctors and medical facilities that share his political and religious beliefs about their health and medical care.

      Like I said, you are all about keeping government out of the doctor-patient relationship unless it is to enforce a narrow social mandate on women (and only women).

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