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  • lavenderisin2 lavenderisin2 Mar 26, 2012 2:53 AM Flag

    Vive La France!


    I love the French, if anyone will save the European race from extinction, I believe it will be the French.

    Jared Taylor speaking a couple of weeks ago to a gathering of 700 French Nationalist in Paris:

    >> I now speak to you from the bottom of my heart: Do not make the terrible mistakes we have made in America. Avoid at all costs the cult of diversity.

    I am American to the bone, but I have lived in France and believe I understand, at least a little, the spirit and genius of France. And part of the genius of France is its regions—an authentic diversity that deserves to be cherished.

    The title of this meeting is “France in Danger.” France is in danger, for if France becomes diverse it will no longer be France. It is absolutely essential that France remain French—for its own sake and that of the whole world.

    You are all gathered in this room because of the deep love you have for your country. The struggle for a France that is authentic, for regions that are authentic, for an authentic Europe is the fundamental struggle of our time.

    Because it is not only France that is in danger. When you fight for France and for Europe you are fighting for all the children of Europe who live overseas. You are fighting for me. You are fighting for our comrades in Canada, in Australia, and in South Africa. We are all brothers in arms.

    Thanks to the efforts of people like you in this room France will be saved. Long live France! Long live France as it has always been!<<

    Highlights of the INSPIRATIONAL meeting:

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