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  • lavenderisin2 lavenderisin2 Apr 12, 2012 3:17 AM Flag

    Dominican Republic of Florida/Haiti


    The local news in Florida is constantly about Trayvon this, Trayvon that and justice for Trayvon. A slanted racist hate filled message stirring up hatred against evil Whites who supposedly get special preferred treatment in Florida, at least that`s how I see it.

    Whites get not special treatment in Florida, not from what I can see. In fact they are being overwhelmed and pushed out of cities and towns everywhere in Florida. It is becoming a dangerous place for Whites, imo.

    This story from day one has been filled with LIES. Zimmerman isn`t even White, he is a mixed race Hispanic. Yet the news liars have implied this is a White vs Black story/crime.

    No reason to believe Zimmerman will get a fair deal in Florida, not with all the lies and with him being portrayed as an evil Whitey, in colored and mixed race Florida.

    If you haven`t been to Florida, believe me it is a real education(it was for me). It really is the Dominican Republic of Florida/Haiti in demographics.

    If you go to Disneyland, remember, Sanford is pretty close, and Orlando is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than Sanford, demographics-wise that is.

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    • LOL!

      You simultaneously complain about all the things he has done and accuse him of doing nothing.

      I'll just list the things you and/or Mitt Romney claim to hate. (Although I don't believe either of you hate these things, I just think you are saying whatever someone tells you is "conservative.")

      Middle class tax cut
      Ended Don't Ask Don't Tell
      Expanded hate crimes to include sexual orientation
      Dream Act
      Wall Street Reform Legislation
      Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay (for women) act
      Student Loan reform
      Saved Detroit
      Pulled our troops out of Iraq
      Supported the removal of Qaddafi from Libya
      New START treaty with Russia

      All this while dealing with incessant partisanship from minority Republicans, passing the affordable care act, and turning our economy from one that was shedding over 1 million jobs a quarter to one that is growing. (Only you would complain about one month 'below expectations').

      Oh. And Osama Bin Laden is dead.

      I will ALWAYS be happy to discuss Obama's record with anyone. He has been an outstanding President in his first term.

    • I think race played a very big part in the election of Barack Obama. Even he thinks it did.

      Obama is far from a 'great' President. Other than forcing his health care act through Congress what does he have to brag about? A down economy, yet another 'unexpected' bad employment report, bad timing in making off camera remarks on camera, failure after failure in financing green energy companies? He is doing a bang up job all right and we are all banged up because of it.

      He evidently can’t control the mouth of his advisors that keep raising media storm after media storm. His past relationships show that he is anything but pro-America. He has an agenda he is not sharing with the general public.

    • Civil rights complaints against local authorities are routinely handled by the Justice Dept. That's how we stopped people like xlngr from lynching people.

      I posted Obama's one response to a question. It was clearly not anything out of the ordinary. A restrained response offering sympathy with to the family and not taking sides whatsoever. Why do you & the right wing media keep harping on it? Easy answer. . . politics.

      Obama is a great president. He is a moderate. Even Republicans elected a presidential candidate who just like him. You hacks will try to use racism to win this election just as you did in 2008. It didn't work now, and it won't work then. You're stuck in 1952. It is 2012.

    • Cubans know the difference in a Latino and a white person.
      They know what's going on and know that the kid had already been expelled from school three times this year and had a drug problem along with an anger control problem. There are people who know what this is about and it will all backfire on Obama and the blacks he sent on this case to help his presidential campaign. Obama has already lost the Latino vote, he is about to get a shock from this case.

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