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  • k50cents k50cents May 11, 2012 12:12 AM Flag

    Obama say's gay is OK -

    well hell -
    where does the "buck" stop here ?
    is this a message ?
    am I in the USA ?
    or Greece ?
    what in hell would DR. Ruth say ?

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    • He's pandering for votes. He's never gonna make gay marriage legal. Not in this lifetime or on this planet

    • you'll can vote the puks in but, I ain't going to the back of the bus no more! bring it on puks.

    • SO -
      are we on the brink of idiotic government ?

      or - do we already have it ?
      problems - questions - issues ?
      answers ? answers ?
      none of the above !

    • Are all of you haters reited AT&T employees?

      No wonder the company is all messed up.

    • Pay attention dummy, Hillary and Obama are Billary and his Slickness. Bill is ancient history and is even less relevant now that when he was in his second term. You don’t catch on very quickly do you?

    • >>>Obviously the Democrats haven't figured out a legitimate response in a decade or two.

      What do you suggest? I suggest pointing out that a large number of their Republican counterparts view a pledge to a hack as more important than doing what is right for their country.

      I'm glad Republicans have stopped taking that pledge. Yet 238 of 242 House Republicans and 41 of 47 Senate Republicans have taken it. Hopefully more will reject that particular brand of irresponsibility and we can actually have a functioning government.

      >>>You over simplify the positions

      No. They oversimplified their positions when they signed the pledge.

    • No, not all have taken this pledge and many new candidates are not taking it as saying they won't. This is not a new issue; Norquist has been pushing this issue since the late 80's. Obviously the Democrats haven't figured out a legitimate response in a decade or two.

      Yet again, you over simplify the positions of both sides to fit your political argument. Nice try, but I don't think many are dumb enough to buy into your simplistic nonsense.

      I no longer think that you're making these posts at the behest of any Democratic Party officials, they might be embarrassed.

    • So, if the media you claim is full of liars reports that Bill & Hilary Clinton "encouraged" Egyptians that means Obama has taken credit for the causing the Revolution?

      Maybe a little less insane than Glen Beck's Code Pink theory, but just a little.

    • >>>Well what ever happened to all the 'compromise' that the Democrats insist that they can't get from the other side?

      I understand all the Republicans made a pledge to Grover Norquist to not raise taxes (except, apparently, the payroll tax cut). They take that much more seriously than their duty to the American people. That's what happened to all the compromise they can't get from the other side.

      The two current fiscal positions from the parties are 1. Large spending cuts, further tax cuts for the wealthy 2. Large spending cuts, some tax increase on the wealthy.

      Which one do you think involves compromise?

    • Man, now that is a WIDE brush. You don't have a reasonable or intelligent retort so you just blame everyone for not thinking you're the Wizard of Oz?

      We see behind the curtain pal, we see.

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