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  • ctmuscles ctmuscles May 23, 2012 8:53 PM Flag

    how much does the att ceo pay for his medical

    does the att ceo randall stephenson pay for his medical for himself or his family he wants to increase mine so that my medical benefits dont kick in till i hit a 10,000 dollar deductible.....come on randall...were all on the same ship arent we...........

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    • I think you're way confused, mistaken or just don't get how these insurance plans work. $10,000 is not a deductible; it's an out of pocket maximum, meaning a safety net that you would never have to pay more for your medical care. The deductible is that part of the insurance that comes out of your pocket before the coverage ratio (like 90% or 80% indemnity) kicks in, paying 90 or 80 or whatever percent of the insurance costs your plan covers. With an out of pocket max, you don't have to worry about anyone going bankrupt paying for medical cost, since no one goes bankrupt over that amount. Bone up on the facts otherwise you get boned.

    • Reality check: it pays him, not vice versa. United Healthcare manages insurance costs. As anyone who follows that company's history of nearly continuous embroilment in lawsuits, that's not something any CEO would put up with. Their policy regarding medication you have to take for more than two prescriptions: you have to get it directly from them- at above the going market rate- through the mail. That's right, boys and girls, they turn a profit on what you need to live and call it insurance. I actually admire the cleverness of the tactic, if not the memes behind it. I buy my meds without their coverage- because it saves me about half the price they want day in and day out.

    • He is like a CWA member where low level managers pay it for him

    • ricky23009 May 23, 2012 9:16 PM Flag

      Just pay for your stuff, that's what tRicky says!

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