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  • pcaphodge pcaphodge Jun 5, 2012 8:53 PM Flag

    On topic ?

    Why are there so many political rants here ? I don't "share" my politics with you, and really don't care about yours. Let's keep T relevant to posts about this Company. If you want to hate minorities, go to another MB for
    like minded people. I don't think this is the appropriate place, and I abhor
    ethnic/racial slurs, and PS I'm White Irish !!

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    • I believe he should concentrate on his bridge game.

    • Maybe the OP is new to investing or new to telecoms and is just looking for some thoughts. I agree that to many of these boards have nothing to do with the stock and has become opinion blogs for politics and non-business related issues.

      How about a discussion on what people think about iTV (apple TV) and it's potential affect on ATT or Verizon. I saw discussions on the proposed merger a few months ago, etc.

      This is NOT meant as a rant and we are still a free country and people have every right to express their political opinions! But really, doing it on a finance board makes no sense.

      Another stock I own is PGN (no recommendation on it either way) and I bring it up only for anyone who wants to see how bad a board can be with useless name calling.

      Anyway, that my $0.02 worth.

      I am sure someone will have something nasty to reply back to me.

    • I think that your parents probably hated you also .

    • Well so what is stopping you from providing us with some T insight? Provide us with some ratios or something I don't think you can. Idiots like you can you just like to complain.

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