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  • cavuto_jr cavuto_jr Aug 11, 2012 11:51 AM Flag


    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be the quintessential Americans like George Patton and Joe DiMaggio. They will attack the usurping tyrant boldly on all fronts and at all times and at this this they will not flag nor fail. They will never succumb to the siren call of the regime’s propaganda ministers that will permeate the television waves. They will not bargain with this tyrant and his propaganda ministers and gutter rats. They will not try to reason with them as the tyrant and his gaggle of lying lackeys and dirty dingbats will grant no quarter for them and if they can, they will destroy them and their families and all of America without remorse. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will follow the tyrant Hussein Louie Benito Hugo Isuzu Obama to the inmost recesses of his mind and make him fear and dread the very sight and sound of them. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will never let up and they will make the Child Emperor’s fear of them permeate his thoughts from when he rises in the morning until he retires at night, where he will be allowed only a brief respite in between his nightmares as his day of reckoning approaches. they will make him howl.

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    • Listening to Ryan, perhaps it might have been a better selection for him to have been the nominee. He will help the ticket and certainly won't drag it down to a cartoon level like Palin did.

    • I'm from Wisconsin and have met Paul. He is great in all areas. I'm afraid however that we've gone beyond the tipping point. Romney/Ryan are behind in the polls right now.

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      • At this time before the election, Reagan was 9 points behind. Romney is only 4 points behind and two very important factors are in the works. The movie 2016 is introducing the real Obama and depicting what life will be like in 2016 if he wins. It is getting rave reviews and will soon be showing throughout the country. Also, The producer of the excellent CD "Dreams From My REAL Father" has launched a program to send a CD to every household in America. They have already been sent to all homes in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia. That should soon reflect in the polls from those states. Try to place a bet on Obama in Las Vegas; that will give you a better idea than all the polls put together.

      • I can't wait to see a Paul Ryan/Joe Biden debate. It would only be better if it was with West Coast Nancy.

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