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  • echo2165 echo2165 Aug 21, 2012 11:10 AM Flag

    Hey, win, rob, fake ricky, et. al....


    jon3retired called the President of the United States (yours and mine) a motherfocker this morning. Are all you guys okay with that?

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      Today's CliffsNotes.

      This morning I asked the following:

      “Hey, win, rob, fake ricky, et. al….jon3retired called the President of the United States (yours and mine) a motherfocker this morning. Are all you guys okay with that?”

      The responses have included the following:

      Fake ricky (with the l instead of the 1) blamed it on Biden, Reverend Wright, the liberal playbook and suggested it was up to me to prove it wasn’t true.

      Winholder denied jon said that and blamed it on my dirty evil liberal mind. He didn’t offer any suggestions as to what jon meant by MFIC, the well known derogatory, military acronym for mofo-in-charge. Funny, as his alter-ego, Dale the airman, he knew everything about the military. Of course, we shouldn’t expect winholder to ever acknowledge any wrongdoing, as just earlier he offered this excuse for the recent, deceptive swiftboat attacks: “If this is what it takes to get rid of Obama, I am all for it.”

      t.bfine said he doesn’t care for the practice on any front, but said people here make it hard not to (without condemning jon)

      The other fake ricky (@ymai) at first ignored the question but asked me to list all of “MY’ leader’s (for once not referring to him as the “Kenyan”) accomplishments. He then said jon didn’t say that at all, but MF stands for Money Funder.

      Jon, himself, one of the latest (and least erudite) alias creations, came back with several responses. One suggested, “Master Fruitcake In Charge .. You're the one that chose to use your sinister mind to fill in the initials - smiles !!”, followed by delusional babble about landmines.

      He then called the President a coward, and then defined coward as follows: “blaming others for his bad deeds…one who is not ‘man enough’ to admit his errors.” This from the guy who just called our President a motherfocker, and then launched a series of denials or excuses.

      If all of this isn’t bad enough, one of the earliest responses was from Wilkes, who, even more disgustingly dragged the President’s mother into the mofo equation.

      This from the party who claims the monopoly on morality and patriotism and claims the religious high ground for themselves.

      I cannot believe that reasonable folks on either side consider calling the President of the United States a mother focker anything other than a childish and reprehensible act that seriously detracts from their party’s agenda and reputation. And the above non-responses and distractions from this pathetic group are something we’ve come to expect on this board.

    • ricky18201 Aug 21, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

      He did not, MF stands for Money Funder!

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      • Sorry to get all technical on y'all, but there are two basic types of definitions. Denotative and connotative. Example: a Dumb person. Denotative: a person incapable of speaking. Connotatve: a stupid person.

        From the moment Mrs. Obama gave birth to her first child, she has been a Mother. Any subsequent (activities) would by denotative definition render her partner the aformentioned initials.

        You Liberals may have your own connotations for words and phrases, but you're not allowed to alter denotative definitions.

        There is your proof!

    • I try real, real hard to not call people names. So, I don't care for the practice on any front.

      I will admit that some folks around here make that personal commitment real hard to live up to.

    • No, he didn't, you did. You assumed what he meant with those initials. Your dirty, evil, liberal mind let you assume something you shouldn't have. Your fault dummy.

    • I prefer not to use this Joe Biden, rev Wright type of language. Taking a page from the liberal playbook it would be up to you to provide evidence the statement is not true.

    • I think he needs to present some evidence to support his statement. As I understand Obama's history, he hardly knew his mother.

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