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  • robfisk robfisk Aug 23, 2012 3:01 PM Flag

    Paul Ryan is Trending #1 now on searches

    Barry lives and dies on the net. You know things are going to get a lot nastier. I saw a promo piece where that crooked nose guy, Brian Williams is going after Mitt's religion. There's a Black young Mormon who is going to say he felt he was discriminated against. Crazy. Mitt gives tons of money to help others. He gave all the money he got from his Dad, and gave it to the Church. Yet, Brian will never cover #onor killings from you know who.

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    • Very nice, thank you Yvette. I understand consumer reports doesn't like the newer one though. Made too cheaply they say.

    • floyd9010_sbcglobal_net floyd9010_sbcglobal_net Aug 29, 2012 12:03 PM Flag

      Great post!

      Echo has finally been caught trying to smear conservatives as racists with his Lavender alias. It was a very clever ploy, but it didn't pass the smell test of genius Jon3retired.

    • You're losing it. You rant like a maniac and make stuff up faster than Obama. You should seek professional help.

    • That hack wannabe psychologist who probably never spoke a word to Obama must be right! By the laws of psychoscience, Obama MUST be a raging unstable psychopath. He couldn't last through a showing of the Dark Knight without going nutso, much less withstand the pressures of presidential campaign.

      He's bound to nuke us at any moment! Better stock up on those buckets of sand labelled as dessicated protein meal today!

      Grow up, dude. Sheesh.

    • To quote a truly great American, ‘there you again’; where in my post did I mention his birth certificate or any doubt as to where he was born? Do you not have a more imaginative response?

      I think there are many more important things being hidden by him and his back stage handlers that would be painfully devastating to his career; the site of his birth not being of much significance in comparison.

      You're a one trick pony.

    • My suggestion is not to read extremist BS at all.

      Truth is not attained by balancing the ravings of crazy people against each other. Nor is moderation attained by balancing the thoughts of a moderate with the thoughts of an extremist.

      The moment you look at Fox News, or Brietbart or the "the roots of obama's rage" as informing your perspective at all is the moment you lapse into political insanity.

      I don't watch Rachel Maddow. I can't stand Bill Maher. They're too out there. Do you think "balancing" them with an hour of Rush is a good way to learn about the world? Or reading some communist's rant against Obama informs any better than roots of rage?

      No. It's the ranting of crazy people. That is all.

    • Ah... Bainzers, Romney needs to take Obama's lead and release some fake balance sheets to quiet this stupidity.

    • Ah. . . birthers.

    • I am firmly confident you couldn't 'envision' anything that wasn't put out by the liberal media or the DNC. You're too blinded by their claptrap you couldn't tell if an oncoming train was about to run you down or simply a bright light showing you the way.

      Your best attribute seems to be that of a human spell check device.

    • >>>The only thing we'll pi** on next year are spendaholics

      They're already backtracking on the spending cuts they forced last year. Did I not post Cantor's comments on the cuts HE demanded last summer? He's against them all now.

      It's easy to talk about cuts in a non-binding resolution, and we all know they love doing that, but when it comes to real cuts they return to form. They had a chance last year with the grand bargain and they blew it. They blew it for all of us.

      All for politics.

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