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  • fishnman1973 fishnman1973 Aug 26, 2012 6:37 AM Flag

    Hate Board

    There goes the libtard alarm. You immediately accuse our speech as "racist" as you feel threatened by people who counter the mainstream media monopoly. People are tired of the biased mainstream media who do not cover what Obama has done destroy our industries, individual wealth and freedom, energy, and country in general.

    Educate yourself before assuming the role of a blind sheep to be used by your liberal communist superiors.
    -A good book about his communist influence is:
    The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor. Mercury Ink, 2012. ISBN 978-1451698091
    -A good movie that you should watch is "2016: Obama's America". When I was at the theatre, the audience applauded loudly after the movie was finished.

    This is just a small start for you, but I think it would at least help you pull your head out of the distal orifice of your alimentary canal. (aka - anus)

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    • "When I was at the theatre, the audience applauded loudly after the movie was finished."

      Aka: The conservtard alarm.

    • Read the book from which the movie is derived. A lot more detail and a lot more information about what is driving Obama Jr.'s ambition.

      He wants desperately to achieve his father’s dreams, of course daddy was a wanna be professional student and politician that died with a hardening liver and from driving while drunk. Must have been a he%% of a dream.

      He is a socialist, but not an ordinary socialist. Alinsky and other of his mentor have a philosophy that you can't defeat the oppression by the upper classes without the support of the middle class. If you destroy the middle class and create a joint hatred of the rich between the poor and the middle class, you will never win. Obama is in the process of destroying the middle class to gain support for his dismantling of the oppressive rich colonialists that run the businesses and control the money.

      He doesn't just want to redistribute the nation’s wealth, he wants to control it so only he or those like him can decide how, where and when to redistribute the wealth. In his mind he seeks and believes he can achieve changes that will allow him to continue this fight well after this coming election.

      This book starts to describe the agenda that Obama is not sharing with the general public. His past associations with questionable ‘mentors’ is indeed a bit frightening when you look at the attributes he ascribes to them and their influence on him.

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