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  • lavenderisin2 lavenderisin2 Aug 30, 2012 2:17 PM Flag

    Jaw dropping Republican convention


    For the first time in my life I have watched parts of the republican convention. What a jaw dropping display of in your face contempt for a majority of its audience.

    An overwhelmingly White base watches as the Republican party parades out one non White speaker or story after another, with one more tiresome immigrant American Dream story(a bunch of bs, that I would guess most Whites do not relate to) after another. While the keynote speaker tells the (White) seniors he knows they are such wonderful and kind people that he is sure they will sacrifice in order to save the country for their children and grandchildren(in reality for the future non White majority which will most likely exclude their descendants).

    And the audience in the convention center cheers after each display of implicit contempt for them. I N C R E D I B L E !

    It`s obvious to me the Republican party is USING AND MANIPULATING its White base in an effort to gain power so it can position itself to represent its future base - non Whites and immigrants. It`ll throw the White suckers completely under the bus and discard them as soon as they become the party of 'diversity'(non Whites).

    Not a word about immigration, borders or unnecessary wars(in which Whites shed the most blood).

    It`s also obvious to me the Republican party is not the least bit concerned about the elimination and genocide of its White European base. Therefore, I have to assume it will readily and eagerly play a role in the genocide, simply by letting it happen. The republican party is already assisting in it by actively participating in the 'diversity' and multicultural scam which they are now promoting at the convention, a scam with the main objective of eliminating the White majority and culture.

    Screw the cold blooded, calculating, indifferent Romney Ryan Republican party. They are NOT the White party as so many fakes try to claim, they are the future party of non Whites.

    One of the main speakers tonight will be jeb bush. My gawd, will those fools in the audience cheer him too, the fella who helped throw an election to his brother, who then went on to do more damage to this country than just about any previous president?

    The brother with the non White children one of which may be being positioned to be a future leader of non White America.

    This one, maybe? You can almost see the lust and greed in his eyes, knowing that America`s future is HIS future, and the future of his kind.

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