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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Sep 2, 2012 9:19 PM Flag

    Socialized medicine causing Europe & Canada doctor loss

    Supporters of Obamacare should take note: Since 2008 alone, more than 8,000 doctors have left Britain to practice elsewhere, and the chief reason cited is the country’s long-established system of socialized medicine.

    “When a government declares that it will provide ‘free’ healthcare, there is no escaping the fact that such a system will one day be overwhelmed by demand and the providers — the doctors and other professionals who are extensively and intensely trained — won’t be able to keep up,” an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) observes. “They will be overworked, underpaid, and frustrated with the difficulties in performing the task they feel called to, namely healing the sick.”

    Britain’s National Health Service is “rotted,” according to IBD, which states that waiting times to see a doctor are “often fatal,” denial of care is “sometimes deadly,” facilities are “often miserable,” and the pay is “base.”

    That, along with more appealing tax rates, is encouraging many doctors to relocate to Australia and New Zealand, the editorial reports.

    One anesthesiologist who fled Britain and came to the United States years ago told IBD: “Now we are getting the same thing. Obamacare stinks, and the people will regret it. What happened to docs there will happen here.”

    IBD opines: “If America doesn’t want physician flight in its future, voters will have to turn President Obama out of office this fall so that repeal of Obamacare can be possible.”

    Otherwise, “today’s U.S. physicians will simply retire early or change careers, and tomorrow’s will choose another profession, one less regulated and more remunerative.”

    And the problem isn’t confined to Britain — 10 percent of doctors trained in Canada, which also has universal healthcare, end up in the United States.

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