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  • lewcor lewcor Sep 28, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

    Free Obama phones here!

    Typical Democrat supporter. Used to work with a few like that. They hated the phone company and thought the union could do no wrong. This in spite of the fact that the phone company was one of the best employers in the country. I knew one jerk that came from New York to San Diego. He used to tell me all the ways the good union members and Democrats would cheat the company. One would put peanut butter out on the cable as far as he coulkd reach. Squirrels would gnaw holes in the cable and when it rained and caused trouble he knew right where to go. He'd fix it quickly and then kill time in a coffee shop to pad his hours. Nothing but a cheap thief and no doubt a voter for the Kenyan.

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    • You got me wrong lewcor. I am a member of the Tea Party. I posted to show the foolishness of the left thinking that money grows on trees. France sociialist government is going to tax the rich at 75% of their income. They are packing their bags and moving elsewhere taking all of their job creating skills with them. France is done as an economy. Are we next?

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      • As we see from Romney's returns, we tax our rich at a rate of 14%. We are talking about maybe taxing them at a rate of 20-25%--a rate far less than the tax on earned income for middle class workers.

        How on earth do you compare that to France or a 75% tax rate? Where do you think rich Americans will flee to for a better rate if it goes up to 20%?

        How low do you think the rate for rich people should be? 10%? 5%? 1%? Will any of you tea partiers answer that question?

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